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DO NOT USE Thin Engine Oil? | List of best hand tools for you

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DO NOT USE Thin Engine Oil? | Newly updated handsets.

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DO NOT USE Thin Engine Oil?
DO NOT USE Thin Engine Oil?

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DO NOT USE Thin engine oil its not safe?

We show the number 1 problems that can cause damage.

Should I use OEM engine oil & Today on Nates interactive auto we cover two very important issues concerning engine oil that could damage your engine. Amsoil OEM or Aftermarket what is best? The best engine oil is well check out our oil tournament lets find out. We show What engine oil provides the best protection for the metal inside of your engine. Amsoil 5w30 signature series vs Mobil1 annual protection full synthetic engine oil. Nissan original equipment engine oil made by the manufacturer? Toyota OEM motor oil tested and review. Chevy or Chevrolet oem oil next up motorcraft not to forget ford and gm plus oils oem from Hyundai again dodge. 10w30 engine oil tested to. 20w50 motor oil cold pour test for cold temperatures also the best oil for extreme weather hot temperatures. Redline, castrol magnatec, castrol extended performance, castrol gtx, amsoil oe, mobil1 extended performance, rotella shell, mobil super, mobil1 vs supertech. Liqui moly top tec engine oil vs motul specific motor oil. Schaeffer’s oil also along with royal purple. Amazon basics full synthetic oil. stp oil plus lucas oil idemitsu engine oil. best oil in USA. best oil made in Germany. best engine oil made in Japan. before and after with high mileage motor oil.

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  1. Keep in mind that the recommended oil is almost always the absolute thinnest oil that the engine can safely run on rather than the ideal oil for longevity since they know that most people just don't keep their cars long enough for the difference to show. If they can gain a fraction of an MPG and the engine is worn out and burning oil after 200K miles while it otherwise could have gotten to 300K miles with a heavier oil they don't care since it's well out of warranty by then anyways.

  2. @NATES INTERACTIVE AUTO its much more important what the user manual says because they constructed the engine for this oil. It could cause problems to use the not recommendet oil.

  3. I own a Lexus RX450h with 310.000km I use 0w20 recommended bu toyota, the garage will use 5w30 instead coz high mileage, i don’t agree with him!

  4. Use what the manufacturer specifies??? Look at the chart in the owner's manual, it shows different weight oils and the temperature span that the particular oil is rated for in that vehicle. So what the manufacturer recommends will depend on your climate, they can not make a blanket recommendation that will cover driving on the north slope of Alaska as well as on the equator. Look at the chart, look at your environment and use that as the manufacturer recommendation for the proper oil viscosity.
    In my Prius owner's manual they did away with the chart because they don't want people looking at what will work best for your environment, they want use to use the thin weight oil to achieve best mpg and not engine longevity.

  5. I used to use Shell Rotella 15W 40 diesel rated by the drum in everything. I had no problems until an extremely cold start up caused an engine oil cooler hose to blow on my Olds Bravada, destroying the engine. Upon disassembly of the 4.3 GM V6 I was surprised at the tight clearances held on the crank shaft bearings. Now I try to follow the manufacturers specs realizing film strength is more important than viscosity.

  6. So I have a 05 gmc sierra 5.3 calling for 5-30 and sometimes hear start up rattle from phaser leak down. I've always ran mobile1. it barely has a 100k miles and am thinking of running 5-40 for summer. Watchu think???

  7. I had a beater ford ranger with a bad main bearing so it would loose oil pressure, rod bearings where fine, I would use 2 quarts of diff fluid 75w90 and 3 quarts of 5w30, it ran fine for about 40k miles till I finally rebuilt it.

  8. Not really sure if you have some kind of a mechanical engineering degree maybe some kind of flow type liquid engineering degree but when the manufacture sets a spec for oil like in my BMW that’s what I’m going to use because these people went to college for a long time to figure this stuff out and you have no science or math behind your testing.

  9. I just baught a 2015 Silverado with the 5.3 I live in maine. my dad says the manufacturer calls for 0w20 so it burns oil and dosnt last long. He suggested I put 5w30 in it. Will this harm my motor

  10. What if the engine starts to slowly burn oil when using the reccomended oil?
    is it ok to go from 5W40 to 5W50?

  11. I believe your right about using a higher viscosity oil for a safer alternative in the warmer months and in the winter a lower viscosity rating. Manufactures on the old V8's muscle cars I have owned say 10w30 year round. But in Arizona the heat is extreme in the summer months I switched to 20w50 every year that I lived there and 10w30 for newer vehicles, that I was driving my own vehicle. In the summer there the old V8's would suffer from power loss after 15-20 minutes of driving in 100°f plus weather. But with 20w50 I could drive an hour plus before I noticed a significant amount of power loss if any. With the higher viscosity engine oil the hotter months the engines would run smoother and have way less if any power loss and oil pressure loss.

  12. I've run light weight oil in my engines for years and many 10s of thousands of miles. I've run many engines up to 200k. That's my cutoff for selling a vehicle and still running fine. And yeah I bounce the engines off the rev. Limiters from time to time. Back when Joe Gibbs ran Pontiacs they confiscated his cars because they were dominant in races. They dyno'd 25hp. More than any other car and the only difference was that they used a lighter oil in engines and won. Look it up. You are blowing smoke. My car now requires 0w-20 . Great power and gas mileage .

  13. Any of those oil shown will take your motor well past 300K miles if you do your part & do diligence with preventative maintenance & drive like a civilized human being!
    My 1988 GMC 350 cu in – had 350K miles on her when I sold her – all miles accumulated with German Castrol 0W-40! She is still running today!

  14. Truth is basically all engines can use 10w-30 no matter what. The all new Toyota yaris hybrid which is not even available here in the us recommends and comes with 0w-8 from the factory. Yeah 0w-8 but the yaris hybrid manual says you can use up to 10w-30 and if the vehicle is used as a taxi or does hours of high speed driving you can use up to 15w-40.

  15. Just use the oil that is recommended by your car manufacturer. they designed the thing they know.

  16. Viscosity rating is not the only thing to check for. Your engine oil most also meet API Designation and ACEA Specifications. I know this from being a Mercedes and Mini Cooper owner. You can purchase any brand of oil as long they match Designation and Specification requirements.

  17. I was using 20 w50 and burning lots of fuel and loss of power and after 5000 km the oil was low after some research I found that my car uses 5w 30 the best to recommend the owner manual rather than saying don't use thin oil those little oil testers is not everything you will need to test oil

  18. Chevrolet aveo 2008 motor 1.2
    I change oile the guy said 20w50 is good 🤔
    i live in algeria a little hot weather only summer 30 to 45 degrees Celsius
    I want to change it to 5w30 is it better

  19. Just because it's thin doesn't mean it can't protect. It relies on it's additive package to do the work that the lower viscosity doesn't do compared to thicker weights. Engine design has also been changed to ensure that a less viscous oil can still provide proper protection. That said if you want to run something thicker I wouldn't go 1 grade above what is called for. Eg: 30wt instead of a 20wt because doing so can have the opposite effect and actually cause wear due to tight tolerances and expected change values the computer is programmed to see may be way off from a 20wt to say a 40wt.

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