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Do You Need A Carpet Extractor? / Auto Detailing | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject Do You Need A Carpet Extractor? / Auto Detailing? Are you looking to see carpet extractor? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Do You Need A Carpet Extractor? / Auto Detailing | Review best products for household.

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Do You Need A Carpet Extractor? / Auto Detailing
Do You Need A Carpet Extractor? / Auto Detailing

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Landon with Aqualux Auto Detailing In Dallas Texas and Carlos with Serranos Mobile In Dallas Texas (( )) go over 3 different extractors. Carlos, talks about the Mytee Grand Prix Automotive Heated Detail Extractor. Landon, talks about the Aqua Pro Vac. Lastly we bring in the Rigid 4 Gal. 5.0-Peak HP Portable Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum. Hope y’all enjoy the video!!

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  1. What do y'all think about the review and the test results? What did you enjoy about the video and do y'all want to see more of us doing videos together?

  2. You guys did a great video here, entertaining, funny, but extremely well done and informative. The only thing that's bothering me is: How come the water is dirty with the Mytee and the Rigid, but not the Aqua Pro. That makes me wonder like the "where's the beef" comercial, "where's the dirt". I know the Aqua pro picks up dirt, because I"ve seen it in other Aqua videos, but how come not in this one? Only thing I can figure is, maybe when you hosed it down the dirt was pushed to either side of the Aqua Pro path? Hmmmmm! At any rate, it's a really interesting comparison. Marc

  3. Can you guys donate one to a broke person trying to survive. Just lost a job yesterday cuss i only have a bissell🤣

  4. Great uplaod thanks. Some great bits of kit on display. 👍 Tempted with a karcher but this has help me make mind up.

    2 guys comparing suction techniques and tools. On other sites you get loads of views 😂 only joking.

  5. should have tested the same size areas……can clearly see the little blue one had the widest path. also there was more water in the center. maybe next you guys could just use three separate rugs. but overall great video!!

  6. The Mytee extractor still had dirt inside the recovery tank. So that’s why I believe the water was dirty….

  7. The heat does matter, some of these chemicals only remove dirt and stains, heat kills bacteria and the main reason of bad odor is BACTERIA so yes hear matter is there for a reason

  8. hey what is the horse power on the shop vac? Money is tight and Im thinking of using a 5 or 6 horse power rigid until I can afford an extractor.

  9. yes you needed to do one more pass with ridged for a fair test…of coarse the smaller head did not cover same amount of sq inches as the myt and aqua…plus you can buy a special head for the ridged that will also increase productivity… plus there are better vacuums available… i think its best to find a super powerful wet vac and leave the extractors alone…just not worth it… the $400 aqua will not out extract a good $100 wet vac set up with a good extractor head…its a no brainer

  10. yes if myt trips breakers thats a deal breaker…best information to hear… its not hard to use right chems and hot water and scrub dirt… great extracting is all i need…

  11. Great video! I think the Mytee extracted more dirt and would be better on time. The heating makes the difference! I enjoyed the intro to this video the most!!

  12. Great video guys, the rigid vac is good for the diy, the aquaprovac for the auto detailer, just my personal opinion. 😁

  13. Can you link to a few shop-vac heads that would be good for extracting, preferably in 2 1/2"? I've always been a fan of "run what ya' brung". I'd be happy with the shop vac results. I'd say after a 4th pass equating to the same width of the other two, there would be a similar amount of water.

  14. loooool r u really serious, after all that talking u put the smallest head on the last one loool u really funny and u say it didnt pull anything really jokes

  15. I can’t stand my aqua pro been looking to upgrade it barely sucks or sprays cheap I was disappointed

  16. Love their honesty. Even the guy with the mytee was impressed . Plus he doesn’t push the higher dollar one and says he has it because of his business. They are right the aqua does need a longer hose but the same time more portable and maneuverable than the other. The ridged shows you don’t need to buy an extractor if you’re doing your own car and stuff. Really the aqua sounds like nothing more than a more high powered shopvac motor with water. Wonder if he will buy an aqua for lighter jobs? Again love them being honest and telling people don’t need the highest dollar product out there. Judge on the size of your business

  17. You just earned a new subscriber. Really great video keep them coming 😀👍🏻. You really have me considering getting the aqua pro… thanks again for your time

  18. I'm not sure about aquapros customer service, I've called 3 times during normal business hours and no answer. I was prepared to buy but held off for now, if I can not get anyone on the phone to answer my questions now what happens if I have an issue in the future.

  19. Thank you for the video guys but I have only one question why one suck more water the water it’s not dirty that’s only my concern?

  20. I just got the mytee used for $300 bucks in Dallas, TX. Marketplace, to heavy? Just keep it on the truck use it With a large solution and vacuum hose and you will beat anytime that little machine.
    Yes I do have a tennat portable compared to that aqua pro and it’s a overkill. Heater wattage?? The key it’s a right solution, extraction power, pressure power. yes (cold water) And you’ll be done quick. Not hating just sharing my experience as a carpet cleaner and interiors detailer.

  21. Great video I'm just starting out and these videos help like all Carlos videos on Facebook and your now to thank you for your help

  22. Hey guys! Great video! Thank you both for taking your valuable time to make this informative video. You guy rock!!

  23. Great comparison guys. Lots of good info to take in. Would like to see how the Bissell pro heat measures up to the others you have. I have been wanting to upgrade my extractor and was curious about the aquavac vs mytee. Thumbs up!!

  24. awsome information. I was already thinking I had to buy a 2k dollar machine in May, it was scaring me. I just got one question why with the mytee and the ridgid the water came out dirty and with the aqua pro it came out clean in the same carpet?

  25. So great to see a extractor that isn't a 1000 dollars yet still gets the job done

  26. The best experiment would be to wet the rug then vac the rug as dry as possible with each unit and weigh the dried rug.

  27. Great more expensive stuff I NEED to buy why do you do this 🤣 this thing is awesome man thanks for sharing!

  28. I prefer a steamer! I will use my cheap Bissel pet vac thing if it’s really bad. But a drill brush and a steamer is the way to go. Don’t overthink it

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