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Doing a House Wash with Basic Entry Level Equipment – Pressure Wash Business | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Doing a House Wash with Basic Entry Level Equipment – Pressure Wash Business? Are you looking to see best house wash for pressure washer? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Doing a House Wash with Basic Entry Level Equipment – Pressure Wash Business | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Doing a House Wash with Basic Entry Level Equipment - Pressure Wash Business
Doing a House Wash with Basic Entry Level Equipment – Pressure Wash Business

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I am asked nearly 5 times a week if a 2.5 GPM washer is ok to start with? It’s more than just ok, it’s way better than what I use in this How To House Wash Video.
From Lawn Mowers Cutting Grass to Free How To Fix videos along with detailed Pressure Wash / House Wash Advice. I help you grow your #SideHustle Business. Click on “Show More” for awesome links to the products I use in my videos. Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!
Perfect Aluminum Ramps:

Notable Vids to watch:
*How Did I Get The 42″ Rider:
*How To Edge with a String Trimmer:
*How To Edge with a Stick Edger:
*Broke Arm – Service an Entire Yard:
*Massive Clean Out Jobs:

* Mi – T – M Downstream Chemical Injector with Syphon Hose

*Best String Trimmer Line: Oregon 3LB Spool .080 Pro-Grade

*Trimmer Line: Oregon 3LB Spool .080 Pro-Grade
*Edger Blades in Bulk –
*Gravely 42 Inch ZT, ZTx, Ariens Zoom 42 Replacement Blades –
3 Blade Pack –
6 Blade Pack –
*Scott’s Edge Guard Fertilizer Spreader:
* Brahma Work Shoes –

CRAFTSMAN LT1000 Riding Mower Parts
*Deck Belt Return Spring / Blade Belt Tension:

*Troy Bilt 21 Inch Mower Blade –
*21 Inch Rear Wheel Drive Belt – Troy Bilt / MTD P# 95404282 –
*21 Inch TB Blade Adapter with Drive Belt Pulley MTD P# 687-02220 ADAPTER ASM-25MM
*MTD / Troy Bilt Front Wheel 8″ x 2″ P# 634-04660

*Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower Blades:
*Honda HRX217 Tune Up Kit:
*Honda HRX217 Drive Belt:

*Honda Motor – 4 Gallon Per Minute Pressure Washer
*150 Ft Capacity Steel Pressure Hose Reel
*Garden Hose Reel:
*100ft Good Quality Pressure Hose:
*Pink Pressure Washer Tip for 2 Story Homes
* Briggs & Stratton 6328 14-Inch Surface Cleaner for Pressure Washers Up to 3200-PSI
* BE Whirl-a-Way 14 Inch Surface Cleaner:
* Mi – T – M Downstream Chemical Injector with Syphon Hose

*Pressure Washer Wand Extender 18 Inch:
*4 Pack Rubber Pressure Washer Mounts:
* Powersmart Electric Pressure Washer:
* 1 Gallon Plastic Chemical-Safe Pump Sprayer

*To Sharpen Blades: 4 Inch Metal Grinder
*Replacement SOFT Grinder Discs
*Chicago Electric 1/2 Drive Impact Wrench
*Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900

MUST OWN ITEMS for Emergencies:
*Chicago Electric Generator
*Portable Propane Burner / Boil Water
*Gas BBQ Grill with Side Burner
*Charcoal BBQ Grill

*Sony PAS Video Camera –
*Sony Action Cam –
*Hague MMC Cam Stabilizer –
*External Mic For Camera –
*50 Inch Expandable Tripod –
*Editing Software –
*Bluetooth EarBuds
*Sky Viper Drone

*Garmin Watch Forerunner 35
*A generic ebike kit to get you started:

*Honda GXV 120 4 Stroke Engine ..

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  1. I have a Simpson pressure washer(Honda engine) I went balls deep mid class washer I’m learning about cleaning houses but my focus is just concrete an walkways I appreciate this video is it that easy to just clean a house with Walmart supplies. I’m also Canadian not American trying to convert those gallons to litres.

  2. First I’d like to say thank you for the excellent video. You are an inspiration to all start up entrepreneurs!!!!

  3. 😆 man your hilarious to me. I love your content bro. I just started my lawn service and car detailing business. I also wash homes too. So I watch all of your videos.

  4. I washed my 1st house today. It was so nasty and hadn't been cleaned in 30 plus years. I charged $300. I tried the pool essentials with my down streamer but it was so weak and ended up having to use a pump sprayer which took forever but it was spotless when I was done and the owners were very happy. I'm trying to save up for a 4gpm unit before because my 2.3gpm barely is cutting it. Thanks again Dan for all the advice. Loving your channel.

  5. You have been very helpful. One question. You mentioned that flow is more important than pressure for siphoning cleaners. What about surface cleaners? What does it take to get excellent performance? Pressure and flow? Thanks in advance

  6. Glad I came across this video. A lot of research and videos showing the minimum is 4gpm. When someone tries to say different they're just told they have no idea what they're talking about. They're setting people up for failure and damage claims. Then I've found a few videos of people using a 2.5, and found this video. Using a garden hose. Point was definitely made.

  7. Hey been learning and watching your house washing vids, do you need insurance to do the work? Liability? And do you need any special kind of insurance?

  8. Question, I have a 2.4 g p m 3200 psi pressure washer , how can I get it to shot 2or 3 stories high.

  9. Why don't you just down stream? I could have been done with this house in 1 1/2 hour including the driveway and sidewalks.

  10. You just made me feel better about starting my business with nothing but a 2.4gpm pw pump 2 gallon pump sprayer and 15" sc and you showed me another way to basically soft wash with out a soft wash rig. Thank you

  11. Hey man awesome video, with a Honda engine on a 2.5 (Lowes) how many hours do you think I will get out of it before it burns up? Trying to get 10 houses done every Saturday

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