Dorian Yates explains why Nautilus Pullover is essential in back training | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories

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Dorian Yates explains why Nautilus Pullover is essential in back training | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Dorian Yates explains why Nautilus Pullover is essential in back training

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  1. I joined a 2nd gym only because they had that machine. You really feel it deep in your lats.

  2. My gym has one, I use it occationally. It really stretches the lats and I feel it in the abs as well. Think I will incorporate it some more in my training now that I now Dorian liked it… xP

  3. I've looked at many gyms and everyone doesn't have it, this machine is vital for a great workout

  4. Interesting that he finishes with the deadlift, which is the closest to a full-body complex movement in that routine. Most trainers would say to start with the complex movements, and then move on to the individual muscle group isolation movements. Still, you cannot argue with the results that his approach has brought. Legend!

  5. Rare to find in gyms these days, unless the owners are really into the art of sculpting an aesthetic physique

  6. I don't have a nautilus machine but I use my xrs 20 gold's gym bench handles with strap's ! Works great !

  7. It’s a shame people at my gym only use the Pullover machine as a rest chair while waiting for the squat rack to be open

  8. All these comments about their gyms not having one lol I have a normal pullover and a plate loaded pullover machine at my gym 😂

  9. I got into a new gym that has some equipment I had not seen before. This machine was one of them; I initialy thought it was for the abs. There was also 2 different hand squeeze machines and a wrist curl machine. And like 4 freemotion cable machines I am also looking videos about.

  10. It's shame that the shell of a company now called "Nautilus", now re-badged StairMaster selectorized strength training machines if you can believe it, no longer manufacturers a Pullover. In fact, other than the plate-loaded version from Hammer Strength, a division LifeFiness, I'm not sure there's a major manufacturer that manufacturers one? And that's a shame because I still see people trying to perform as sorts of makeshift, haphazard variations of this exercise.

  11. And yet most clubs like Planet Fitness for example do not have the device. I think this was Arthur Jones' favorite of his Nautilus creations (certainly my favorite). Yates was a student of my friend the uncrowned 1980 Mr. Olympia Mike Mentzer.

  12. Trained at two Nautilus Gyms in the early 80s' in Morehead City and Jacksonville, NC. All of the machines were awesome but the Leg Press, (actually good) pain from that machine was extreme.

  13. I can't understand anything being said. It doesn't help that my speakers are bad. But recording things in a place that's not full of background noise would help

  14. Any progression of the front lever will work on this exact problem. Calisthenics is King you just have to be crafty with the way you do it.

  15. Anyone tried the kneeling cable pull-over (think about pulling the cable down not in)? Been going to gyms for years, but never felt my lats and triceps "that way" before.

  16. Ive been to so many gyms over the years in various states and not once seen a pull over machine. Always wanted to try one.

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