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Drill Bits and Wall Anchors | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Drill Bits and Wall Anchors
Drill Bits and Wall Anchors

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drill bit sizes for screws

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  1. The plastic drywall anchors in the middle are also good for lighter use in masonry. You want a tight fit, but not too tight. The concrete anchors on the bottom are heavy duty, overkill for shelf brackets, hanging art on the walls, installing accessories in a tiled bathroom, etc. If you were going to hang a Mexican style hammock between two concrete walls, the heavy duty anchors would be the way to go (with eye bolts). Shelving or racks that are going to bear a lot of weight should use the concrete anchors in your display.

    Another option for lightweight usage are wooden dowels. These are excellent for applications where you want to use a nail, such as a picture hook, but can also be drilled for use with a screw. Where I’m living, these are available precut and with grooves on the surface to bite when you tap it into the hole you’ve drilled (which should be slightly smaller than the wooden plug.

  2. I'm not sure I have a masonry bit because it won't drill into my stucco. My bit looks like your #6 bit. (Note: there is only one "a" in masonry.)

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