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Drill Dr. 500X Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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Drill Dr. 500X Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Drill Dr. 500X Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

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Drill Dr. 350x: $54.99

Drill Dr. 500x: $104.99

Drill Dr. 750x: $126.99

As you can see in the video I have a lot of dull drill bits. In the past I’ve just bought new ones when the old ones got dull and didn’t work as well. Now that I have the Drill Dr. those days are over. As you can see the tool works quite well at bringing new life into old, dull drill bits. It is important that you get the bit chucked up correctly however, if not, then it won’t sharpen properly. I found that out during the taping of this review. The tool also sharpens masonry bits as well as left handed bits, both in a variety of metals.

That said, I think this is a good tool and something to be considered as an addition to any shop.

Camera: Brian Kast

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  1. Already a longstanding fan of ETCG, but the algorithm spit this old VJO back up to top after I went on a bender of AvE's drill sharpening commentaries. So at the very end when Eric says, "Keep your drill bits sharp." …I was half hearing it sideways a different direction….

  2. I can sharpen drill by free hand better than that machine, look at the burrs on the edge of the drilled hole. Rubbish

  3. Eric I love you videos and thanks for the effort. This video was done on 2014 (new revised manual was published late 2018), I think you should revise it. It is about the 118 and 135 setting of the notch before sharpening.
    In this video you set the jig for 118 ( 7:05 ), sharpening a 135 bit. I heard this info was not on the manual sold on early 2019.
    Alignment guide for 135 or 118 degree drill bit:

    "When sharpening standard 118°
    drill bits, align in the 118° slot."

    "For standard 135° drill bits, align 1-notch to the right (-) of the 118° slot"
    It is in the manual now, page 18 see link below.

  4. I think this is too much of a toy for me. I rather pay double the $ and get a better sharpening tool.

  5. I have that same machine. Bought it about 10 years ago. I cannot get it to work at all. It cuts the bits wrong every time. Waste of money.

  6. Love this thing! Not only does it save money but time with crap bit or running to buy new ones.

  7. Great review. Thank you for being so thorough. 👍🏻 I’m totally gonna buy this same unit. Got a bunch of dull bits just like you. Lol.

  8. I was very skeptical about the performance of this tool based on some of the reviews I read. However, after viewing your video I now have the confidence to purchase it. Your videos are very informative and your analysis is very fair and unbiased. Thank you very much Eric!

  9. great review — great pointers on using the drill dr. wow, this was posted over 4 yrs ago and i'm just now finding out about the drill dr.! i gotta' crawl out from under this rock that i've been liven in!

    got one question. when you inserted the drill bit at the 1st station, you set it up for 118 deg., yet when you put it into the actual cutting/sharpening station, you set it to 135 deg. why is that? also kind of related to that is, what's the purpose of the different degree settings at the 1st station if you only have 2 sharpening choices at the 2nd station (118 and 135 degrees)?

  10. excellent video. Have you tried splitting the 135 degree? I've got mine out the box and will try it out this weekend.

  11. thanks for the review, it was very informative.looks like it can work pretty good,and the better your hand control. also allowing the spring loaded tip guide thing to align the bit,followed by turning off the unit after the cut-before you remove the hand chuck will help the end result. i timed them, and it took about 21 seconds to cut with the split , 17 seconds to cut with the 118 , believe it or not it took 17 seconds to cut with the 135 degree also.maybe the tip got nicked a lil when you were taking it out of the split port. resulting in a slower initial cut, i wonder how well it does the outside edge of a 1/2 bit which often goes south when gutting hard steel making it difficult to finish through the hole.

  12. Everyone can have their own opinion, that's pretty much what comments here are for. But I have to say after getting this, watching your video because I don't have the directions, I was impressed with this thing. Great video. I pulled a 3/8" bit that I've had rolling around in a drawer for approximately 20 plus years, followed this video and DANG! I was impressed how sharp this machine got it. Great video and great tool to have. Thanks

  13. Thanks Eric i just got a Drill doctor 500x i never use it before ,now i learning from you and big help Thankssss Bro.

  14. I like your honest tool reviews. Ive been wanting 1 for years but there are mixed reviews on the drill doctor. I finally got one and it works great. Its versitile, but that means people dont/wont know how to use them. After personally using it, i can identify the user errors that cause negative reviews. Im glad i finally got one.

  15. I enjoyed your video immensely. It was articulate, concise, and very informative. Thank you for that. After having watched poorly done u tube videos, it's such a pleasure to watch one like yours. You have a fan and a subscriber. Keep them coming. Thank you.

  16. Use Center drill first to prevent walking, then peck drilling with higher rpm. Thought I can give you a few tips for once. You helped me alot with your videos over the years. Thank you Eric..!

  17. I used the stopwatch on my phone and your last hole with the split actually took 4 seconds longer.

  18. Everybody talks about cutting oil but get some bit wax and you'll never use oil again.I believe the stuff I get is called Brute,I use it on bits,air saw blades,metal hole saws…..good stuff.

  19. A lot of people like the DD and a lot don't. It's better to learn to sharpen a twist drill by hand, on a bench grinder. Learn your drill point geometry. DD is made by the company that makes the Darex drill sharpener. Awesome machines but very expensive. I may buy one of these for small drills. My old eyes aren't what they used to be. Remember, check your drill points with a protractor and ruler. Angles and lengths are important. Using a punch mark will help keep the drill from walking. Thanks.

  20. thanks for the video, I just bought a 500x and am excited to use it. your video helps take the guess work out of it.

  21. Drill Doctor SUCKS, I can sharpen bit by hand much better than this toy. If I had hand sharpened these you would get one long curl off the cut not chips…. I've been sharpening bits for my Dad since I was 10, learn how and you'll get much better results than this plastic piece of garbage……

  22. Thanks Alex,
    Do you know if it would be able to put a point or angle on round steel/brass stock? I'm wondering if I can use it to make retaining pins as well as sharpen drill bits.

  23. Does anybody know approximately how many bits you can sharpen with this before needing a new wheel?
    Thanks in advance

  24. Eric,
    I might have missed something, but I think you set the drill bit for 118 degrees (using the corresponding notch in the positioning jig) prior to the first sharpening, which you did in 135 degrees (sharpening jig). If so, it may be the explanation for the difference in burrs between the first (135, which was supposed to be "better finish") and second sharpening (118, which is supposed to be "more aggressive"). Also, in Drill Doctor video, it says to "always split the 135 drills".

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