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Drilling through walls | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Drilling through walls? Are you looking to see how to drill into brick without a hammer drill? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Drilling through walls | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Drilling through walls
Drilling through walls

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This video demonstrates how to drill through a cavity wall, but more importantly how to protect a cable or a pipe that is being passed through the wall. Using a piece of plastic pipe to line the hole will protect the cable or pipe from possible damage caused by debris falling in the cavity. This method also makes it easy to feed a cable through a wall, which is often difficult without specialised equipment. Brought to you by ..

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how to drill into brick without a hammer drill

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  1. Great video. Very clear and best of all succinct!! This is exactly what I was looking for to fit some external ethernet cabling. I have a question though, it looks like you are drilling down from the angle of the video. Surely any condensate will trip towards the inner wall at that angle. Should you not drill up?

  2. What length drill bit did you use? I'm looking to run a wire from inside to my external brick wall to power a Ring doorbell. I have tried a 300mm drill bit, but this only got me through the outside wall, past the cavity and partially into the internal wall(I think!). Where I am coming out on the inside wall is very close to our soil stack which is enclosed by an enclosure with an inspection hatch. I have measured and it looks like I should miss it. Otherwise, I'll have a really s**tty problem on my hands!

  3. important information is missing and that is, where to drill hole, avoiding any piping and electrical wiring.

  4. How can I move doorbell wire from the left masonry / stucco wall to the masonry/stucco wall next to the door frame. Currently the doorbell wire is through the left wall if your in front of door looking at it. I want to move it next to the door in front of the person standing at the door. Because this is a video cam doorbell I want it facing ahead towards the walkway /street How can I snake that wire down the other wall ? Thank you !!

  5. can someone please tell me what exactly the size of the drill bit? or send me a link where I can order them? thanks

  6. How do you account for NOT HITTING ELECTRICAL LINES that may be inside the wall……since we cant see they them ?

  7. Sometimes you hit mortar next to the brick and it causes the hole to migrate sideways into the softer area. How do you prevent this from happening?

  8. I have a electric vehicle cable that itself is about 1 inch, but has a 2" threaded ended that connects to the Bosch Level 2 charger (inside garage), I've been running the cable under the garage door but would prefer to have a clean exit through the wall. Do I go through the brick or the actual foundation (not blocks, about 8 inches wide I think). Thank you.

  9. Wow that’s a long bit! Is longer better (more powerful/ neat holes)? I’m only plan to drilling 2” deep.

  10. What is that cable pipe called and where can I get those? Home Depot? What kind of drill should I use? Impact or Hammer?

  11. how do you repair the whole cable on drilled a whole but now i would like to repair it and make sure the insulation and everything is fine when i fix it it goes all the way trough please help thank you

  12. how do you know whether there are pipes and cables in the place where you are drilling as i want to put up security cameras

  13. today I tried drilling 2 holes from the inside out (from the loft) I managed 1 but the second 1 burnt my drill out. looking at how much the drill bit goes into the wall I must only be about 1-2cm away from the other end. I've now brought a SDS drill. would it be better to NOT use the hammer for the rest of the way incase it bursts the brick. never used a sds drill so not sure what's best

  14. Why do you need pipe going through the wall? A bit of an overkill? What does it need protecting from? The cable is already covered in 2 layers of plastic insulation…

  15. Underneath where you are drilling… there are 2 things already going through the wall… how come so much repair was needed to the previous brick…?

  16. I'm installing CCTV and have ordered a 28mm Silverline bit (450mm long but only needed 300 really). I won't be able to use the pipe but is it the same principle as this video or is there more to it with a larger diameter hole?

  17. ALWAYS drill from inside the building to outside and ALWAYS drill at a downward angle as
    water cannot run upwards, Put a small loop/U-bend on the cable below the hole,
    Finally seal with mastic or similar

  18. Is it easy to do? I need to hide the condensate pipe of the indoor A/C unit through the ceiling of the other room.. .

  19. hi mate nice video please tell me i have a cctv cable to put through wall but on end is a round plug maybe an inch wide and i cannot remove the plug so i must feed a 1 inch plug through wall. thanks

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