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Dual JBL Club 1024 Subwoofer – BASS TEST Vol. 2 | Best hand tools

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Dual JBL Club 1024 Subwoofer – BASS TEST Vol. 2 | List of best hand tools for you.

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Dual JBL Club 1024 Subwoofer - BASS TEST Vol. 2
Dual JBL Club 1024 Subwoofer – BASS TEST Vol. 2

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Second round of deep bass boosted and hard hiting music for testing car subwoofers. This time I set the volume lower so no distortion is coming out of the fresh subwoofer drivers. These JBL Club 1024’s handle the peaks quite very good. I’m totally impressed how the subwoofer box turn out. So I think its time to build another subwoofer box for dual 12 inches high peak subwoofers, whacha think!? I’m thinking of Pioneer TS series subwoofer would do good.

By the way, here’s the track list used in this video:
– Unknown Brain – Why Do I (feat. Bri Tolani)
– Neovaii – Just Be Me
– Matisse Sadko – JanknGank
– Calli Boom & EBEN – Burnout
– 2nd Life & Calli Boom – In The Dark

You can use this video for testing your subwoofers as well. Let me know what you think by writing a comment and please conside hitting that SUBSCRIBE button! Thank you all very much and I see you in the next subwoofer build! ..

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  1. @Charcoal Monkey Nice build!!… I am planning on a similar setup for my car with dual 1220 JBL stage subwoofers. Can you suggest to me which one is better 10 inches or 12 inches? I have no concern about boot space being occupied by speaker cabinet.

  2. Sir yung mga ganyang speaker po ba, pwede po ba gamitan yan ng mga ampli like sakura 757? or car amp talaga need?

  3. Sir ano maganda square box lang or ito?gusto ko po sana ung may pang low bass at may matigas na bass?nakarinig kasi ako ng square at w box magkaiba ung square maganda sa low w box matigas tunog?

  4. How did you like the sound quality of the subs for the price? I was thinking about getting these or Alpine Type R's

  5. birada silingan,,unsa imo fb lingan ky order ko sa imo ug bookshelf ug subwoofer pohon..new subcriber here

  6. @Charcoal Monkey  iba ka talaga.. dami namin natututunan sayo.. one more Question sir.. 😂 kung may 4 channel amp aq(4ohms per channel) .. gagamitin q yung front left and right sa woofer at ibbridge ko yung natitirang dalawang channel for subwoofer.. ano po mangyayari sa impedance? magging 8ohms ba yun or mananatili syang 4 ohms?

  7. boss tanong ulit.. ano pagkakaiba sa tunog ng DVC at Single?wala kc q mahanap na vid sa YT na nag ccompare sa sounds nila

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