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Eating 1.5 Year Old Rotten Chicken (High Meat) | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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Eating 1.5 Year Old Rotten Chicken (High Meat)

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  1. getting sick is just part of eating raw meat. i find i have a few days feeling very sick every month but its worth it

  2. Ok so I heard if you eat a "rotten" 4 year old raw chicken breast thats only been vented 4 times a year (very important) along with a raw fresh tomatoe and then mixture of 4 week old sun fermented YummBerries, acai berries and one raw aged goat kidney which you then blend up and drink, you'll not only gain a different type of enlightening BUT you can then recycle that mixture you've ingested 3 more times after it passes through your body! But only if you've fasted before drinking the initial mixture otherwise you're adding contaminants that will destroy or alter the new gut biome, thus changing the outcome. Please let me know if you try this and about all the healing benefits that come from it! I'd like to list the miracles I've seen it do in myself and my close group of true earth people but it'd take me all day, plus I wouldn't want to influence anyones minds to the positive possibilities of this life healing smoothie

  3. Dude, why do spit in the face of God and science. Also here before it blows up GME AMC 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  4. Thats how the eskimos do it…bury it in the ground til it turns into mush. Natural enzymes at work.

    Good luck finding dates though🤢

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