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Efflorescence Tips and Tricks | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject Efflorescence Tips and Tricks? Are you looking to see how to clean concrete dust in basement? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Efflorescence Tips and Tricks | top best products brands for household.

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Efflorescence Tips and Tricks
Efflorescence Tips and Tricks

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Information related to the topic how to clean concrete dust in basement.

founder Tim Carter describes efflorescence, what causes it and how to remove it.

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how to clean concrete dust in basement

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  1. You should always go to my AsktheBuilder website when you have questions. I have many columns about this topic there. Use my search engine. SPELL EFFLORESCENCE correctly to find them. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter while you're there. FREE tips each week.

  2. Thank so much! Which instore product would you recommend to remove efflorescence from laminate floors? Every diy mixture I've tried hasn't worked.

  3. My house was built in 1860 the inside of my mud room is brick and it is deteriorating I don’t want to use a chemical in there. The previous owners must have just painted over it because it is now coming out in big chunks along with the paint . I have high bubbles of the white power everywhere. How can I blend this safety and repaint this? Please Help Me

  4. I have that stuff coming through due to water outside. If I deal the inside will that stop it ? I mean obviously outside is a big issue but we’re talking about a rented space and I just need to keep it out. No I’m not a crappy landlord . I’m just a guy trying to help a friend.

  5. Thanks so much for this info! I just had new pavers put down – right before all the snow and ice last month. I think I made the mistake of sprinkling some snow melt down, as now I see this efflorescence in the area that I sprinkled. Do you recommend a particular type of salts (or should I not sprinkle anything) to melt ice?

  6. Just noticed this in my crawl space on a newly constructed home. Great video home inspection pointed it out. U just explained what it was thanks.

  7. Mine is actually in the cement. It cannot be brushed away. I cannot get rid of it. It looks ugly

  8. My parents house, built 17 years ago, all concrete. It has that stuff growing like crazy on certain sides of the house, usually under the Windows and close to the ground.

    Thanks for clearing it up.

  9. Our garage floor constantly seeps this stuff and where we live is quite dry. I assume that means that there’s water seeps under there.

  10. Thank you for this info. Found some on my concrete wall just today. It’s been raining a LOT lately, very humid either way since I live in the tropics.

  11. omg…our concrete just got poured and that stuff showed up…the guy told us to wash it away using water….smh. The next day it was twice as bad.

  12. Very helpful. I would paint my wall up down from top to the bottom just to squeeze the water that contain of salt to stream down and dissolved just before another strokes and as oil would always goes upon the water maybe some types of oily paint would work

  13. would you please be able to write how to get rid of cement milk stains on architecural concrete walls?

  14. Tim, I have efflorescence on some parts of the foundation of my house. Does that in some way weaken my foundation?

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