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Elora vs Teng vs Facom – Ratchet Spanners | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Elora vs Teng vs Facom – Ratchet Spanners? Are you looking to see difference between spanner and wrench? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Elora vs Teng vs Facom – Ratchet Spanners | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Elora vs Teng vs Facom - Ratchet Spanners
Elora vs Teng vs Facom – Ratchet Spanners

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difference between spanner and wrench

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  1. Fuckin hell man you cant think like french. french facom tools are better fuckin far better then snapon

  2. i bought a wrench from home depot. husky brand. it was cheaper. and. if it breaks. ill get a new one with the lifetime warranty. actually pretty solid build. better be if its gonna withstand american muscle. lol. good luck pal…

  3. To be honest Elora didn't design that the asian contract company in Taiwan china where ever designed and built that wrench for Elora and to be honest again their all taiwan made

  4. Know im a bit late to the game… but, would really like to see gedore and stahlwille ratchet spanners given a post-mortem like this! At least with the gedore they are serviceable so no death by deconstruction…

  5. Can I donate that you destroy more ratchet spanners? 😊 I'd like to see Proxxon, Gedore, Hazet, etc.

  6. If you want the best spanners you can’t go past the Aussie made Sidchrome tools. They are truely superb, yes expensive but you do pay for quality.

  7. teng tolls 12:47 in the clipp .. its not better. ??? then facom, se the teeth ???? count them ! teng tool 8 teeth. and facom 16… only folk care about in tools is durability! people like myself, like to use this tool on really old bults rustet at hell stuck at hell hanging with all you wight on the handel, with 85 kg and jiggle with your on weigh to, up to 110 kg, to break the bult free. and yes use that tool again and again for years. so facom winns this! with 16 teeth. that should hold more then teng tools.

  8. The facom looks surprising similar if not the same as my Sidchrome 467 series ratchet spanners. I guess their both owned by Stanley so they just churn out the same tools with different names for different markets.

  9. I love this kind of history combined with mechanical dissection and discussion. I don't mind the jazz hands at all, although This Old Tony will always be the Jazz Hands Jedi Master! Keep up the great work!

  10. My dad works at a industrial steam cleaning plant for work clothing etc, their policy was that all uniforms should be handed over empty, but often they weren't. Local truck/train repairshop and ship building yards uniforms always had stuff in it, since the machines cant have sockets, ratchets etc, be flung around, they empty em before they'd be thrown in.
    The amount of Facom/wera/PB Swiss stuff was immense. Quite nice stuff, have some of that stuff they missed/forgot to return. Next to that i personally buy mainly Teng, nice affordable stuff, yet to have problems with em and we have a dealer of teng tools like 10 minutes away ,which helps. But nothing beats the stuff you get from Facom.

  11. Quality, design,materials & craftsmanship.
    If any of those sucks donkeyballs, your going to have mediocre tool at the best.
    So something being thicker doesnt exactly tell the whole truth.

  12. Just realised how late I got to the game! Commenting on shit that's years old! Why was I not informed from day one that you were making these vids! More to the point though, I'd love to know who makes tools for Aldi, some of their stuff, when dissected, appears to be fucking impossible to fault, yet some of it is pure chintz. I got a set of their ratchet spanners, flip over, one way type, and I've had a 2 foot scaff bar on the end of them and they still feel new, yet I chewed one of their screwdrivers putting a 1 1/2" screw into pine. Obviously different manufacturers but the driver looked nice when I bought it off the back of what I'd seen with the "better than draper/halfrauds expert" ratchet spanglers. Fucking consistency would be nice, as you so sweetly pointed out with the Ebola spackers. You used to be able to trust a name but even snap-on have become snap-off of late. Can't keep up with them cos the quality seems to vary from one tool to next. Without buying and breaking tools there seems to be no safe choice nowadays. As you say, I spent over 3 fucking grand on shite as an apprentice which I wouldn't grudge if it had taught me the difference between quality or not, all I did learn was that even with the proper names it's all a fucking gamble… cept knipex, they always fu king rule! Now I make sure I buy all my tools second hand at least 25/30 years old. If tools are old it's cos they've never broke!

  13. That’s great work Matt, I’ve had my eyes on these rachet spanners, but I just love my old fashion ring spanners for their simplicity.

  14. I think you should weld them into spanners and sent me them so I can have a £30 spanner, I do'nt give a fuck if it's a ratshit. Good vid but.

  15. I own a lot of Elora tools some are 20 years old maybe older, some are more recent maybe 2-5 years old, Taiwan have come far teng and facom are both made in Taiwan proving they can make really good tools for a resaonable price with lifetime warranty.

  16. Aye Matt, did you ever do a test on the ratchet spanners? Don't say you have and I've missed it?

  17. Fuck me, the mechanism in my Sidchrome micro 1/4" ratchet handle is a third the size of that and it's strong as fuck, nothing as flimsy inside as that. What a heap of shit.

  18. Ratchet Spanners vid: Perfect Vid Matt, exactly what we needed. I share your pain cutting into the Teng & Feck'em, but well worth it.

  19. you should also measure the difference on the open end between the 3 spanners, i've found over the years that the more expensive the spanner the tighter the tolerance. ie if you take a 1/2 inch cheap socket it will go on a 13mm head, but if you take an expensive socket such as snap on, it wont go on a 13mm head. having said that i would never buy snap on because they're such a piss take on price.

  20. 9:35 isn't the elora working i a similar way? when its ratcheting the sprags are being pushed toward the spring which makes them "cam" out of the way in the the recess, and when its being turned in the driving direction its getting sandwiched between the the housing and the head that's actually holding the nut/bolt/what have you… right? kinda hard to tell the orientation of things without actually holding it. i agree that spring retainer is shit but that should hold well until the spring or retainer breaks and doesn't return the little locking key to its position anymore

  21. Hi Matt, really enjoying your vids, I’m wanting to buy some torque wrenches. Have you any plans for doing a video on what you use and anything to stay away from? Would be great to get your opinion on the subject

  22. I think Modern stihl are shit. The 1985 made in West Germany 024'S are still running fine and are in high demand on Ebay. New stihl are shit the bed awful. I think China is the new 2018 West Germany. Spanners are same.

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