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Espar D2 Heater Install | Sprinter Auxiliary Fuel Tap | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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Espar D2 Heater Install | Sprinter Auxiliary Fuel Tap
Espar D2 Heater Install | Sprinter Auxiliary Fuel Tap

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It’s time for my Espar D2 heater install. My first step was to add a sprinter auxiliary fuel tap to the diesel fuel tank as mine didn’t come with an auxiliary fuel port. If you don’t have to tab the tank, jump to the install of the heater itself at
Tapping the fuel tank was a daunting task but something that needed to be done so when the weather was good and the nerves were strong, I tackled the project. Tapping the diesel tank required disconnecting and dropping the fuel tank, removing the sending unit (pump) from the tank, drilling the unused KL1 port and connecting a feed hose and lastly reinstalling the tank.

Disclaimer: This is not a HOWTO video, more a HOWIDID video. I take no responsibility if something bad happens if you try this!

Part 2 covers the installation of the actual espar d2 heater itself. If you’re a lucky one and have the auxiliary fuel port on your van, you can skip this video and not miss anything regarding the install of the heater. This is just about tapping the diesel fuel tank.

I’m located in Nova Scotia, Canada and it’s currently early February so it’s cold. Temps are below freezing most days and would be terribly uncomfortable without a heater in my mind. I installed the heater last summer but didn’t wire the controller until the beginning of November when I returned from a 2 month-long trip to the Southern states of the US. The weather was nice while away but returning to Canada in November meant that I had to get heat working fast.

I connected the controller in a temporary fashion partly to test it but also to just get it working. I only recently took the time to run the cables through a wall and mount the controller properly.

So far I’m very happy with this heater. Keeps me comfortable when I’m in the van and keeps everything from freezing up when I’m out of it. The Espar D2 diesel heater works great.

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Items that I end up putting in the van during the build:

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In this video
espar heater …
Hole Saw Set …
Cordless Drill .
Socket Set …..

Also used in van build
cable entry ………..
accumulator tank ……
charger cables ……..
relay circuit fuses …
voltage sensing relay .
water pump …………
eternabond tape …….
solar charge controller
solar panels ……….
maxxfan ……………
2000 watt pure sine inverter ..

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  1. Sweet video. Thanks man. I can also use the princess Auto tip too as I live in Vancouver Canada. Going to do this job this week. We definitely be needing a heater these days, especially for finishing this van build.

  2. I believe that hose you saw towards the back of the tank is part of the evaporative emission control system. Thanks for the insight into this procedure, I'm gearing up to do the same to my van!

  3. What!!! I think YouTube pulled a fast one on us…I know I was already subscribed, but they said I wasn't 😠 bit it's fixed now. Nice to see you, even if it was just in a video. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. He brother good video and tips. Saw you over at Nomadic Hippies Channel I subscribed and hope you return the favor. Thanks

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