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EverStart Battery MAXX | How to wire 12 Volt Premium Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel | Review best products

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EverStart Battery MAXX | How to wire 12 Volt Premium Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel | top best products brands for household.

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EverStart Battery MAXX | How to wire 12 Volt Premium Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel
EverStart Battery MAXX | How to wire 12 Volt Premium Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel

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How to wire EverStart Battery 12 Volt deep cycle batteries in Parallel. This is a video on how to. Batteries Purchased from Walmart. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. Can i parallel with different AH batteries? And will it charge all of them even with different capacity?

  2. A better way to confirm the entire load is to connect the positive at one end of the bank and the negative at the other on the charger/tester.

  3. What exact batteries are you using? About to buy some for my Van. I have a isolator kit waiting on them.

  4. Great video and demonstration but little advice with connecting batteries, always connect positive first than negative, reverse order for removal , negative first than positive 😀

  5. Can you use a balancer with parallel batteries? Or will just connecting them auto balance in parallel?

  6. I'm trying to keep my 500w ebike charged as I'm riding. I have a 4lb scooter battery that powered on a 750w power inverter. So I thought about plugging the ebike charger in the inverter with just 1 small scooter battery. So I asked the man that works at the battery store he told me since the charger is 48v , he said I need to have 4 small scooter batteries to make it 48v. Do I need 4 batteries or can I just use 1 battery. He said if I use less than 48v it can mess up something. Is that true or false ??

  7. so… if i run a 12 inverter on the four battery system you hooked up , i believe what your saying is i am still just using 12 volts but the system would last longer.. i am thinking in terms of off grid living . also if i hooked this up to my trucks system with a longer cable from my motor to my truck bed i could charge all 4 batteries at once from my vehicle or am i just not getting this lol

  8. Hi thanks. After review of other channels or online 12v experts I am not sure this is "best practice" for connecting and charging RV or Boat batteries, starting or deep cycle batteries, because this method of connection you show is straining alternator and is not balanced charging or discharging the batteries. Starting batteries need one type of charging while deep cycle require another to be optimal, for long life, balance and to not put strain on alternator. Adding external voltage regulator and/or dc to dc charge controller is best practice.

    Here is one good explanation and diagrams for need for balanced charging/discharging.

    Look for "solar solution" guy's channel for clear explanation of three common methods of connecting RV and boat batteries and science behind charging batteries.

    Old post shows how to install a external voltage regulator and using a relay to turn external regulator on/off for charging batteries. Does not go into reasons to use balanced charging for banks of batteries on RV or boat.

    the alternatorman's channel also has a demo video of using adjustable external voltage regulator to optimize battery charging and to reduce or minimize strain on the alternator for long life among other reasons (bypass mopar ecm regulator)

  9. Single batterie will have a depressed voltage being alone 2 batteries are happier ther not alone 3 or more it's a battery party😀

  10. also I replaced my starter battery recently.vw t4 2.5tdi .got yuasa 100ah.was thinking could parallel my old starter battery up front.would it make new battery last longer?my stereo been hold of 2 Kenwood power amps and Kenwood 7×10 and made a subwoofer 10inch fosgate diy cabinet.when stereo on and using 2 amps the voltage drops 0.3 volts but usually have engine on with stereo.and both amps have control lead power so amps click off when stereo off.

  11. hi.i have 2 x 110ah leisure batteries in my camper .have got dc to dc charger connected and have Waeco fridge on all batteries in adjoining camper van.when bought van another leisure battery is next to crank battery,it had split charger connected to it.ive kept it there as its handy to connect my spotlights that run off main beam switch .I used to have another 110ah leisure in back but would it be better to have 3 batteries close together in parallel.they not same age but same ah different makes .so I should charge separately sometimes you think?I have a ctek charger .steve

  12. Hey man I have got 20 * 26 ah Exide and batteries.
    And also I have a 850 va inverter 12V, is it ok if I connect all 20 batteries in parallel connection.
    Will I be able to utilize 520 ah without harming the batteries and inverter?

  13. Your batteries connections are ok, between battery 1,2, 3 and 4. The thing is any load or charging device should be connected by the negative of battery 1 and the positive of battery 4 (or vice versa while connected to each other’s like in your video). This way all batteries will be in balance (amp wise…) in charging and/or load usage, otherwise you’ll be putting too much strain on battery 1 (or to whatever battery you’re connecting the positive and negative on) due to their each and own resistance.

  14. fixin to do "well actually you might not know this but i know batteries I know batteries better than most people, nobody knows parallel batteries like I do"

  15. How do I wire up four 12volt batteries to make a 48 volt battery I will be using this for a boat motor

  16. Don't connect your leads to first battery with parallel battery bank. Connect positive lead to first battery then connect negative lead to forth battery or vise versa. Then connect to charge controller. Your draw will be 13.35 amps to 11.6 amps to 11.6 amps to 13.35 amps that's 15%. The way you have it by connecting your charge controller at one end of your battery bank your draw will be 17.95 amps to 13.10 amps to 10.20 amps to 8.9 amps. There's also another way you can draw 12.5 amps straight across four batteries, but your battery bank needs to be wired differently in parallel. Hope this helps!!

  17. To charge these equally, are you supposed to attach the positive cable to one of the batteries on one end of the row and the negative cable to the battery on the other end of the row? Thanks

  18. I have same setup. Can you please tell me how to work out ccurrent draw on 4 batteries in parallel at eg: 50 amps in hrs to safe discharge? Deep cycle batteries down to 12 volts? Or is it 10.5? Any reply appreciated cheers from Australia 🙂👍

  19. This is great, thank you for the video. I’m doing a dual battery set up on my truck and a quad battery set up for my Travel trailer

  20. First off. You will have problems when charging battery's in parallel because the internal resistance of each battery is different. So if one has less resistance or the gravity of the battery acid is different strength then some will have more of a burden on the others. Yes the other battery's are loosing the voltage to the less efficient ones, so they may be draining while the others are charging, without the charger.
    Now using the charger, if you have one battery that is at the highest voltage and another one is lesser, the charger will average the voltages and some will not get the top charge they need. Your better off charging them separately. Another thing if the tops of the battery's are not clean they provide electrical paths to discharge faster. Also the battery's will discharge faster if left on the ground. So they should be stored on clean insulating material to prevent that.

    Make sure that all the connectors are super clean when connected. One way is to use a voltmeter across each jumper wire to see if there is a voltage drop indicating that there is a loose or dirty connection. even 1/8 of a volt can disrupt easy starting or charging without good and tight connections.

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