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Expert Power Wash 6×10 Pressure Washing Trailer Set Up | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Expert Power Wash 6×10 Pressure Washing Trailer Set Up? Are you looking to see best commercial power washer? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Expert Power Wash 6×10 Pressure Washing Trailer Set Up | Best hand tools.

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Expert Power Wash 6x10 Pressure Washing Trailer Set Up
Expert Power Wash 6×10 Pressure Washing Trailer Set Up

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Here is our 6×10 pressure washing trailer we set up for residential and commercial cleaning in Vancouver, WA. This rig can handle, House Washing, Roof Cleaning, fence cleaning, surface cleaning, and just about anything else. Hopefully this is helpful on how to build a power washing trailer. Check out our channel for more videos on pressure washing plumbing and buffer tanks.

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  1. Great video, just wondering is there a reason you went with 2 different size hoses 1/2 to 3/8… Learning as I go

  2. Really nice setup, I'm trying to set one up for myself too. Would be be able to give me some advice and tips somehow? I'm not sure how can I get direct contact with you.

  3. New to this and just have a few questions. Why do you need the 12volt system if you have a down stream hook up? Can you soft wash with just a power washer if so what is the advantage of a 12volt pump doing it? When you soft wash do you just use the 12volt to spray chemicals and power washer to rinse off or do you rinse off with the 12volt? Thanks the trailer looks great !

  4. Seems like you know what your doing… I would love to start a small pressure washing business to supplement my income… But I'm not sure where to start.. You have any reccomendation for a newbe? 64 semi retired but 40 years ceramic tile installer. Tile is getting to heavy to lift these days. Thought pressure washing might be a good alternative.

  5. How many stories can you hit from the ground when softwashing? I am looking to build a trailer but need to be able to hit 3 -4 stories

  6. Is ur water feed reel a 34 i can only find 12 do i jus have to get an adapter for my Flex zila hose ????

  7. Great content! Building my first trailer right now. I'm wondering why you and 2 others guys I have seen have 8 gpm and went with the 19" whisper wash classic. I have read the rule of thumb is for every gpm 4". 4×8=32. Wouldn't even going with 24" speed things up for you?

  8. Enjoy all of your videos. Very helpful. Thank you. I also read where you need to double the supply to the 12v inlet side of the pump. May I ask what connector you are using for this. I have the hose but not the connector. I did not want to use several reducers.

  9. What kind of unloader is on it? K7, or did you upgrade? Trying to figure out your set up at the unloader. Looks different than mine.

  10. Great video, but I’m confused on all the pumps and plumbing. Do you need a pump to get water from the ibc tote to the pressure washer?

  11. In my experience if you run a female coupler out of the ball valve it gives you a great foam spread if your downstreaming. Just a thought for you, awesome rig!!

  12. Awesome rig. I like the placement of the machine. I'm thinking about rearranging my trailer? What size is yours?

  13. Does your swivel pvc fitting on the top of your buffer tank leak like crazy? I just my setup from pressure washing products in Florida and I can’t get it to stop leaking out of the swivel.

  14. Machine in the back- the bumpiest part of the trailer? You'll face tons of carb problems with that…

    PeessureHose rolled up raggedy as hell. Cheap totes cage tank for water instead of a decent horizontal leg tank. This is not a professional setup. Amateur..

  15. Nice set up

    What type of pipe is in the gun with the jrod

    Looks like 6 inches


  16. I know your set up is bigger than mine but I’m starting off small I have a 4gpm machine and an 18in surface cleaner would you happen to know what size nozzles would be good to use. Thank

  17. Expert Power Wash where is the 1” inlet line coming from that goes into your 12v pump? I love your videos!

  18. Great video. What source are you supplying water to your 12v pump? Is that also coming from the IBC tote? Thank you

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