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FAVORITE SERVICE DOG GEAR 2018 | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject FAVORITE SERVICE DOG GEAR 2018? Are you looking to see best service dog vest? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

FAVORITE SERVICE DOG GEAR 2018 | Best hand tools for you.

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happy almost new years friends. i love you all dearly and hope this video finds you well. :)

1. Kokolati Hands Free Leather Leash

Working dog discount: WORKINGDOG

2. The Atomic Hound Bandana

3. Spoons & Snouts Bandana

4. Harness
Unfortunately the maker of this harness, Mary, no longer does custom orders. You can visit their Instagram @servicepupseek.

5. Patience and Love harness wraps
These were custom made but you can find similar ones too or order your own in a custom fashion.

6. Light up collar

7. The Atomic Hound Beauty and the Beast Mickey Ears

She also has several others styles available on the website. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. What was YOUR favorite service dog gear this year? And why? Let me know in the comments!
    So much love to you all :)

  2. Rubyandcodesigns and BeatlesCloset on Instagram are my favorite gear shops. Ruby & Co was very kind to me and did amazing work on the vest! It’s my all time favorite! Quality is perfect!! Beatle’s Closet is my favorite shop to purchase patches. Adorable designs and GREAT customer service! Almost like a friend to talk to! Check them out!

  3. you remind me of Yael from Degrassi. she is one of my favourite characters and i loved her amazing personality. you kinda look like her and sound like her.

  4. Also something you can do if you’re somewhere like Disney at night, add fairy lights to the harness/vest! You can make it look really pretty and it makes it easy to see the dog 😊

  5. You should look on go bandannas on Etsy they have super high quality items that are super cheep and nice

  6. Question.. PLZ help!! 🙏😊

    So I have some fun gear (pastel pink harness… sparkley vests) But I also have "professional gear"

    Should service dogs wear fun gear? Is it "unprofessional"?

    The reason for me asking is because I get a lot of looks and comments when I put my SD in festive gear… I want him to wear both, and also not get judged for it. Please let me know your opinion!!

  7. What do you do for dog safety in the car? And are there glow in the dark patches for walking in the dark?

  8. Love the night light tip. Going to get a set of the Beauty and Beast ears. My service dog is named Beauty and my wife's is Beast.

  9. My boy uses a gentle leader and his camo vest he loves them he feels safe in them as well

  10. We use the Balance harness, a handmade tie dye cape, Patienceandlove black leash wrap (but I’m finding it’s too small and flips over so it just looks like a black stripe) and a ruffwear leash. I found a nice leather thin width collar at Petco (I know right?!) with pretty pink gemstones on it.

  11. Great video. I have a service dog too so it’s nice to hear what fellow teams use and love. ❤️

  12. love this video, claire! so happy to see you getting back to youtube my sdit and I missed you!!! <3

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