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Figuring How to Load the Toolbox Up | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Figuring How to Load the Toolbox Up? Are you looking to see best tool chest 2016? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Figuring How to Load the Toolbox Up | List of best hand tools for you.

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Figuring How to Load the Toolbox Up
Figuring How to Load the Toolbox Up

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You Can get a Come along here

looking back at this day it was a start of something great. what turned out to be a few weeks turned out to be …….. Loading the snap on tool box up wasn’t that bad at all. a come along is your best friend for that. after I got home I needed to make some ramps to strengthen the trailer as the wheels dented the ramp.

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Vidi Action Camera ..

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  1. SNAP ON. I love their tools. I have epic tool box and epic side locker. To bad I am disabled now. Don't get to use the tools to much.

  2. I hear Old Milwaukee makes 6.9% now – not sure if you've had it or not – not sure how long it's been around either since I don't drink anymore – heard it on the radio today thought of you

  3. 5:31 pm Mountains of Idaho USA. A couple days late to watch the vid. Been busting my ass. Another foot of snow coming tonight. Plow. Feed. Go to work 8 hours. Feed, Plow. Repeat. Keep the vids coming

  4. I have saws with lasers and guides of all kinds. I still manage to fuck up a straight line..LOL

  5. Glad to hear that you got some work man. Laughed when you said it is a hot day and I just came out of the minus -40 something.

  6. Jerry, Glad to see you scored some work even if it's temporary!! Keep the videos coming. Good luck!!

  7. Seems to always be the way it happens. After you get a job lined up another comes along. Well, glad you got some income again to support your hobbies, Jerry. Merry Christmas.

  8. great video man cheers from Ogden Utah hopefully some stable work comes along your way. now it mother fuckin sleep time hah

  9. Moving tools around is a pain in the ass. I'm not a pro but i only ever take most of my cheap tools to work. Some of them are so crap people don't even steal them.

    Great news on the job. Hope it all goes well.

    Plus i think you would fill up a bigger garage pretty snappy however big it was! haha

  10. In the same boat when it comes to work man, EI is almost run out so something is better than nothing. Have an interview today so hopefully it goes well.

  11. The 500's aren't too bad to get in and out. The worst are the fucking 1000's. They are a heavy bitch of an engine and take some KY and a shit ton of wiggling to get them in or out of the frame.

  12. Good move with the Snap On. Come along is a good idea I got to pick one of those up. Good day so I guess mother fuc.ing beer time is in order.

  13. I can see Jerry having an old service station garage or a commerical property one day with a huge workshop.

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