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Fitting Theory | Workshop Practice | Mechanical Engineering | Latest information about hand tools

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Fitting Theory | Workshop Practice | Mechanical Engineering | Best hand tools.

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Fitting Theory | Workshop Practice | Mechanical Engineering
Fitting Theory | Workshop Practice | Mechanical Engineering

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List of VTU Lecture Videos

I Semester & II Semester VTU Lab Classes

Workshop Practice | Mechanical Engineering

Chemistry Lab Experiments | VTU | 14CHEL17

C Programming Lab | VTU | 14CPL16

Physics Lab Experiments | VTU | 14PHYL17

II Semester

M2 | Math-II | 15MAT21 | VTU

Programming in C & Data Structures | 15PCD13/15PCD23 | VTU

Basic Electronics | 15ELN15 / 15ELN25 | VTU

III Semester



Network Analysis | 15EC34 | VTU


Analogue and Digital Electronics | 15CS32 | VTU


Electrical Circuit Analysis | 15EE32 | VTU


Strength of Materials| 15CV32 | VTU

Fluid Mechanics | 15CV33 | VTU

IV Semester

M4 | Math-IV | 15MAT41 | VTU

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers | 15CS44 | VTU

Advanced Maths 2 | MATDIP401 | VTU

V Semester

Automata Theory and Computability | 15CS54 | VTU .

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basic mechanical tools list


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  1. But Sir where did u used the flat file tool in the video……U only gave the intro of that tool but didn't used it in the process…. I guess
    If u can elaborate a little Sir…then i would be really thankful to u 😀

  2. Ye bench vice hai jis per job banaya jata hai , baad me use Vernier caliper se Napa jata hai , yeh Sara knowledge ITI college me hi mil jata hai to engineering Karne Ka kya fayeda , ITI Kar lo vo jayeda achchha hai , time or money Dono bachega

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