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Fix Trigger Switch Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Sticking Problems | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Fix Trigger Switch Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Sticking Problems? Are you looking to see drill reverse switch? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Fix Trigger Switch Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Sticking Problems | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Fix Trigger Switch Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill Sticking Problems

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How to fix Milwaukee 18v fuel drill trigger issues. Trigger problems where the trigger is sticking on Milwaukee fuel screw gun.

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This video is about fixing the problem with the triggers sticking on the Milwaukee Fuel drills. It’s an easy fix, and it’s free!.
here’s where to get the flat file if you need one. Get a screwdriver here if you need one.. Good luck thanks for watching! ..

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  1. Hey guys sorry for the long drawn out video about this Milwaukee problem. I repeat myself a lot and don’t have good editing skills. It was one of my first videos so I’ve gotten better. 😊 Anyways let me know if you had the same issue with yours. Thanks.

  2. my fix to this problem was basic just removing the metal clip inside (yes it is now lose but works perfect)

  3. Have a milwauke fuel only bought 2 months ago same problem imagine 7 years later that's shocking

  4. Thanks for the video. After the trigger sticking on my Milwaukee drill I was finally fed up and found your video. I’m doing this tonight!

  5. It amazes me at the people trying to fix their tools. If it is out of warranty, ok then, but if it is still within the 5 year warranty, use ‘E-service!’ Milwaukee sends you a shipping label, and returns it back to you in a timely manner. Triggers are a bad subject regarding Milwaukee drills and guns.

  6. Just bought a new 2804-20 drill this week and it has this issue. Pretty bad quality control.

  7. Thanks for the video, they are still selling them like this. I've only used my new fuel drill a handful of times and noticed the trigger sticking 🤬

  8. Its 2020 and they still haven't fixed this problem my drill and hammer drill stick shame on you Milwaukee

  9. My brand new hammer drill m18 fuel does this Trigger BS! It’s odd because I have the m18 brushless compact kit that seems better quality then the more expensive fuel line. I might just get ride of them and stick with my Makita brushless set.

    This is Bs that they cost a lot and have a problem like this. My 1-2 switch seems a little messed up also

  10. i have a dewalt drill and the button you push to change direction of drilling is very hard to push back and forth. I wondered if it would help if I put some graphite or oil in it? I thought graphite since powder but also wondered if this would cause it not to engage..

  11. I did the filing on the trigger and it worked …… for two weeks and now just doesn’t work. I took it back to Home Depot but they said there’s nothing they can do so I just bought a Dewalt set instead, lets see what happens

  12. It's 2018, I just bought one of their newer version drills this past week.
    – I exchanged it after finding the trigger problem sticking for a direct replacement

    They still have this problem to date since you've made this video T.T

  13. My drill gets stuck in one direction until I take the battery out and put in back in then I can change direction

  14. Im having an issue where the LED light turns on when I press the trigger, but the drill is simply not spinning or making any kind of sound

  15. I have the same drill when I press the switch I get nothing battery is new and it does not work was getting a problem where when I play with the switch it would work but it finally stop working can you help me

  16. mine had dirt build up which made the led turn off at 1 minute plus made a hissing sound,i had to open this & clean out the dirt etc ,little service here and there, MILWAUKEE SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET CHINA MANUFACTURE THEIR PRODUCT SINCE THEY DOING IT THERE THE TOOLS ARE HAVING ISSUES WHICH A TRUE MAN OF TOOLS WILL CLASS THEM AS AFTERMARKET JUNK

  17. Thanks so much for the info. I filed the selector on my M18 fuel 3/8 impact. Kept having issues with the trigger not working like your drill in the video.

  18. can you tell me how to repair led light on my Milwaukee impact drive it works fine just the light doesn't come on

  19. the impact is bad. I just bought the drill and impact. snd the impact hangs up in reverse so much. Is it a similar fix? I don't want to return it and get the same problem.

  20. Same here. My issue is the trigger suppresses and the led lights up, but nothing happens. I took it apart and cleaned it, but fixed nothing. I talked to a buddy who seems to be a tool expert, and he said he had the same problem when he bought Milwaukee. He returned it and months later had the same issue with the new one. He said to buy Rigid, but I've already blew money on this one

  21. I will be doing this trigger mod. The m18 fuel impact trigger is horrible about hanging up. I also just had to replace my impact because it died. It would light up when i would pull the trigger but the motor would not respond. The m18 fuel drill has worked fine so far but it does not see much use. 2 months on the impact before it died

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