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Folding Camping / Survival Shovel | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Folding Camping / Survival Shovel? Are you looking to see survival shovel? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Folding Camping / Survival Shovel | List of best hand tools for you.

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Folding Camping / Survival Shovel

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Review of a multi-function folding camping shovel/pick. I also stumble upon an abandoned camp site. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. There's a mini shovel that looks almost the same but is 10x better !
    Yeah ! Test your gear !

  2. The abandoned camp exactly resembles a common homeless encampment found throughout California. Heart breaking the trash left in the environment.

  3. Irresponsible, trashy ratbags are everywhere it appears. I'll probably go with the Glock e-tool or something similar.

  4. Open the shovel and pick out so the shovel/pick forms a T shape, it will tighten up properly and the shovel becomes a hoe for hoe-ing out the loose soil, it will also have the full weight behind the pick for picking.
    The shovel is more for scooping out what has been loosened with the pick.
    It was cheap though, soft steel, so only for light work.

  5. IV never understood the bottle opener, its a gimmick. I mean seriously what am I going to do, be in a survival situation and come across a nice cold beer that I need a bottle opener for, I mean really come on.

  6. the shovel works good just not going straight down you gotta go in at an angle i have one myself and just tested it dug a meter down and a meter wide

  7. Forgot to mention about that abominable mess you discovered. It's things like this that give wild camping a very bad name indeed. Looks like a place where someone was living rough and likely discovered by someone with a nasty streak enough to wreck it all. It's shocking! Take care…

  8. The folding camp shovel/pick didn't turn out so well. many years ago, I bought a small wooden handled spade with a t-bar handle and although it was about the same size as your army version, it wasn't as heavy. Thinking on now, I could have cut off the handle and fitted a screw joint to turn it into a collapsible two piece spade. At the time it was handy for metal detecting and I bought it from a super little army store here where I live, but it has long gone…such a shame. Take care…

  9. I have this exact shovel including the case. It worked for a few trips but the hinge began to bend after a while. Still works. I prefer to just look for a hardwood stick, sharpen and harden over the fire. Less weight and can be discarded or burned before breaking camp.

  10. That Chinese shovel looks like a bad pice of kit. Your two old ones look pretty good though. Thanks for the review!
    – Martin

  11. Good old Poundland shovel coming up trumps. Mind you I quite like the idea of the pick attached to the shovel.The camp site you came across looks more like a fly-tip. Bloody morons whoever they are.

  12. Great to see you back mate, love your videos. I have the poundland trowel and for the money you really can't complain. I thought the Chinese one was looking good at the start of your vid but you showed its downfall, thanks for sharing the info. Hope to see you putting up more in the near future, a.t.b mate

  13. I was only looking at that last week and thinking I'll have to get one of them I won't be now thanks for video

  14. Shame about the waste left behind, I can firmly say I wont be getting the china shovel, ha. :)

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