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Forge Spring Steel Into Useful Tools | Back to Blacksmithing ! | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Forge Spring Steel Into Useful Tools | Back to Blacksmithing ! | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Forge Spring Steel Into Useful Tools | Back to Blacksmithing !
Forge Spring Steel Into Useful Tools | Back to Blacksmithing !

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Yes! Blacksmithing , I am finally able to play with some hot steel again. Can’t wait to set up my other tools and forge more stuff. For now, as a warm-up project, I made a couple of handy tool with a spring I got from the steel scrapyard. Needless to say nothing complicated! But still very useful to have in the shop as I always cut and centerpunch stuff. Definetly worth making something like this to get back into hammering.

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Index of operation and materials:
0:44 Hot cut a long enough piece of spring
0:58 Straighten the piece
1:20 Four sided taper
1:32 Hot cut the punch off
1:55 Forge a simple blade shaped end
2:52 Rough grind of the tools pre heat treatment with 2×72 belt grinder
4:25 Heat up to critical temperature (guessing for this unknow steel)
5:03 Temper the tools to lower hardness and increase thoughness
5:24 Remove scale with bench grinder and steel wire wheel
6:05 Final grind on 2×72 belt grinder
6:55 Hand sanding to achive better mirror finish
7:23 Buff with cotton wheel and fine polishing compound
7:40 Strop on leather with fine polishing compound to get it sharp, no secondary bevel here, I’ll sharpen with slack of the belt grinder anyway once it gets dull

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  1. If you want to know more about this project be sure to check description, I always write a list of operations and products used.

    And if you like what I do consider supporting me so I can keep on making, join as channel member or check my Patreon for early access and voice-over edit of my videos. Thank you!

  2. Do NOT wear glove when using a wire brush, you glove could get caught in it and break you wrist and hand badly

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as creative as using a deep fryer to temper your steel. Awesome work, man.

  4. One improvement… the blade… a more square handle on it will help you keep control in many situations… not like a square square handle, but a rounded square, or a rounded rectangle even…. just something to help you get a better purchase when twisting motions are needed with it… other than that, great projects!!! Got me wanting to break down some spring steel (as a mechanic I get my hands on a lot of suspension springs)

  5. Seeing that fire immediately reminds me of hellfire…
    La ilaha ilallah muhammad rosulullah.. :)

  6. Seems like you could use your fuller for spreading the steel ,
    Lots of good stuff to learn, Thanks

  7. they need 2 b wrapped in cat guts now. or maybe even mouse intestines , catgut might be too small

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