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Forging A Knife From Springs! Part 2 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Forging A Knife From Springs! Part 2? Are you looking to see can you forge stainless steel? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Forging A Knife From Springs! Part 2 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Forging A Knife From Springs! Part 2
Forging A Knife From Springs! Part 2

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Will Steve STOP, DROP and ROLL to redemption or will his dreams of a knife made from springs go up in flames!

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  1. So you gonna tell me this man uses a machine just to shake/ beat this powder? Lol. Good work tho

  2. So back before I had a clue about knife making , I legit thought well why would you wanna use spring steel it will just bounce off. Knowledge is power and power is access .

  3. The little black spot in the handle just adds character, every damascus is like a fingerprint. Unique in it's own way, why shouldn't the handle have the same, dont sweat the little things. And please keep up the amazing work.

  4. Belo trabalho final. Entretanto achei que o padrão do damasco acabou se perdendo ao longo do processo. Não é uma crítica, mas apenas uma observação. A arte final ficou espetacular, mostra conhecimento técnico.

  5. Is it possible to do this by hand? Anybody? Or is that just crazy? Is there an alternative way to use these springs instead of a canister?

  6. Another idea is you could’ve straightened out the fatter springs and welded them and twisted them like a cable Damascus and would’ve gotten a much better result

  7. Just an idea but in part one if you use that method again and tried surrounding the springs with a piece of round pipe and then twisted it your springs might not have gotten away from you you would’ve had to weld the ends like you would if you were doing a piece of cable Damascus and then just twisted you would’ve gotten the same result of a forge world but the springs would’ve gone all over the place and haywire

  8. Форма ножа, клинок супер, а сам рисунок так себе.

  9. Something that would be cool is to figure out how to do skull Damascus by setting nuts or bearings and cable or square and round rods of differing diameters the square would be the teeth and the round the eyes in a skull profile it might end up like the The scream painting by Munch but who knows until it is tried.

  10. I once saw a guy on Forged in Fire use mustard for etching, he used it to create a pattern instead of bringing out a pattern from the damascus, maybe you could try that sometime!

  11. Alguém que entenda português, pode me explicar que pó é este, usado para preencher antes da forja? Obrigado desde já

  12. "What do you guys think?"

    I think Damascus is profoundly overrated. If all knives throughout millennia were Damascus, we'd be in search of a way to eliminate patterns to get a beautiful simple shiny look à la chrome.

    In alchemic fashion, bladesmiths go through laborious processes to generate a wavy pattern. Strangely, it appears most are never satisfied?

    To each his own is the old axiom. I just feel with all the mania in today’s marketing world, Damascus is having its 15-minutes of fame.

  13. What forge are you using? By the way great video I like how you widen the bullet with the round stock on your press

  14. Great blade. Very well done! None ever done the same. That's what makes them all unique in their own way. 👏✊

  15. Personally I think that little black spot was great. It really gave the knife character. I would have used that for a great kitchen knife. I love your work, wish that I could afford it.

  16. I give it a B+. Please, be certain to wear a respirator or even a cheap mask if sanding Micarta; really bad for your lungs.

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