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Frequently Asked Questions About Incontinence & Pelvic Prolapse | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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Frequently Asked Questions About Incontinence & Pelvic Prolapse | The Best Power Tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Incontinence & Pelvic Prolapse

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A panel of urogynecologists answer questions about urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse from our Facebook Live audience. Broadcast in November 2018.

Use the below timecodes to jump to specific questions and answers in the video.

To learn more about pelvic floor disorders, treatment options, and our team of board-certified Female Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery physicians, visit

Q&A Timecodes:

Why is my leakage worse at night? (7:56)

How often do you see a genetic predisposition for pelvic floor disorders in families over generations? (9:52)

Why do sling surgeries tend to fail in older female patients? (11:10)

Is there research to support better success with sling repair if PT is done for levator ani training prior to it ? (14:06)

I have been utilizing a pessary for almost 5 years. Is this a long term solution? (16:06)

I was diagnosed with the “trifecta:” prolapse of the bladder, uterine and rectocele. Is it possible to deal with only one prolapse or do all three need to be addressed? (17:17)

How would I know if I have stress incontinence vs. a different kind? (20:00)

Is there a direct correlation between stress incontinence and re-occurring urinary tract infections (UTIs)? (22:15)

I had a grandmother who got a permanent catheter for her incontinence – is that still one possible treatment? How can I avoid that? (23:12)

I’m not sure my symptoms are really bad enough for surgery – it’s really just when I cough or go running. Can special exercises help at this stage? (25:38)

Can having sex make my incontinence worse? (27:03)

Does untreated prolapse increase bladder or rectal cancer? (28:10)

My mom says she has an “overactive bladder.” Is that actually a form of incontinence? And is it hereditary? (29:22)

General summary of bladder irritants (30:52)

When I finish urinating, sometimes I feel like there’s a little bit more left in my bladder. Is that normal, and would kegels help with that? (34:31)

Does pelvic floor physical therapy mainly including mastering kegel exercises or are there more exercises, strengthening, and stretching protocols included? (36:04)

Should I try to avoid drinking water at certain times of the day to reduce my incontinence issues? (37:37)

I have inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) and I’ve heard that it could be related to my incontinence. Is that true? (39:00)

Is there a recommended time interval for timed voiding? (41:38)

I was told I should wait until my baby was 3 years old to get surgery for prolapse because then I wouldn’t be lifting her so much anymore. Do I need to avoid or minimize lifting post-surgery (and post-recovery)? (43:51)

Would it make sense to continue using a pessary post-surgery during times I expect to bear weight? (47:00)

When assessing pelvic floor disorder in a patient, do you conduct a comprehensive review of medications that may be contraindicated? (48:40)

I have read scary stories about mesh used in pelvic floor surgery – how can I make sure I don’t end up having some of those problems? (50:00) ..

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why does my toilet randomly run for a few seconds

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  1. I have no pain just lots of urin if I cough or sneeze. This is embarrassing and stopped me from working.

  2. Can a retroverted uterus make you more susceptible to bladder prolapse, incomplete voiding & voiding on an angle rather than straight into the toilet? I find I have to sit well back on the seat AND double over to void completely and/or quickly 😥

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