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From Rusty Saw Blade to Chef's Knife. | The Best Power Tools

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From Rusty Saw Blade to Chef's Knife. | The Best Power Tools.

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From Rusty Saw Blade to Chef's Knife.
From Rusty Saw Blade to Chef's Knife.

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This rusty band saw blade came from the retired Bend, Oregon Mill and could be over 100 years old. It makes for an excellent knife steel, being similar in composition to 15n20. This was a challenging knife to make; the thin steel wanted to warp in heat treating (aluminum quench blocks helped immensely,) all the bevels had to be ground post heat treat and I had to take special care to keep heat out of the blade. My little 1×30 could barely move the hardened steel, and the main bevels took about 4 hours to grind. Overall, I’m very pleased with the final product; this thing cuts!

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  1. Very nice knife. I just bought a piece of a large handsaw blade and am thinking of using it for kitchen knives.

    Also, just a personal preference, but I really enjoy videos that have less music. Even if it's sped up, I love hearing the sounds associated with knife making. But again, that's just my personal preference. Still really enjoyed the video.

  2. I checked a lot of handbooks with woodworking plans. Instructions from woodprix are the best I think.

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