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Full Build: Watch A '29 Ford Roadster Turn Into A Raunchy Rat Rod | List of best hand tools for you

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Full Build: Watch A '29 Ford Roadster Turn Into A Raunchy Rat Rod | List of best hand tools for you.

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Full Build: Watch A '29 Ford Roadster Turn Into A Raunchy Rat Rod
Full Build: Watch A '29 Ford Roadster Turn Into A Raunchy Rat Rod

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Rat Rods are hot! So, Joe and Mike explore the lifestyle and go on a mission to find the perfect Rat Rod body for our “Raunchy Rat”. First, they visit the annual Street Rod Nationals in search of a chassis for their ’29 roadster Rat Rod body. Then, back at the shop they load it with suspension, brakes and a steering box. After that, they show you how to channel the body to make it ride right on the frame before building and installing a vintage Ford Flathead motor, supercharger and transmission as Raunchy Rat gets closer to completion.

Then Joe and Mike finish the brakes and clutch, also creating a floorboard with road signs, installing some off-the-wall seats and finishing touches. A rat rod is never finished, so it seems. However, Joe and Mike finally put the finishing touches on their ’29 Ford before Mike takes it to a local car show to blow people’s minds. ..

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  1. The sturdy soy lastly deceive because school roughly clip amidst a brainy whale. synonymous, humdrum porcupine

  2. Seems the fuel tank is a little small for that massive motor?

    Nice build but it’s everting but rat.

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  4. Its a 1928 Sport coupe thats has had the window frames cut off and some shit welded into the back.

  5. When advertising ruins beauty. A rat rod is all old school not over the counter parts, swap meets junkyards handmade parts. It's a hot rod that they didn't paint to seem like a rat rod. I named it "Wannabe" rod. It was to be old school, but everyone sees the design brand names underneath and walks away.

    And I noticed something else. The older guy never finishes anything not even a bolt. The other one finishes everything else. (No I don't remember there names don't really care too.)

  6. That panel over behind the seat positions, I’d cut out and use for space of things to come or need on the road. Great vlog, it’s still a hot rod that HAD TO BE BUILT. And I’d put one of the Chrysler 3.6 Ltr., v6, twin ohc, 296 hp, just to be different, and a good engine that doesn’t start with “LS SOMETHING”. My Chrysler van will burn the rubber if punched with the v6. It’s also compact.

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  8. Love rat rods, but build it like a normal person would in a drive way with tools and not with with endless money

  9. Amazing what you can build with an unlimited budget. LMAO at "Blondie" tapping a hammer & punch pretending he is working on something. Wonder how he keeps his hands so clean? Reality check: That ain't a hot rod, it's a kit car.

  10. I think the scrap body steel is worth more than regular scrap steel. It’s got something to do with steel made before nuclear weapons testing. The aerospace industry has a great need for non radioactive steel for special parts of aircraft. That’s why old navy ships have a higher scrap value.

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  12. Worst excuse for a rat rod ever, 99% new parts mounted to a rusty roadster tub which looked great for a resto from what I could see.
    Patinated street rod at best, nothing rat about this at all. Sorry guys, the only nice thing you did was to use a flatty for the motor, even then a fully reworked flathead is far from budget but mega cool in the '29 roadster body.

  13. This is just a new build high $$$$ with an old body. What was the budget?
    Just a rich guy lazy build.

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  16. I enjoyed watching the video. However, this is not a rat rod. Mostly new parts and components; also chrome??? I call it Faux Rat Rod.

  17. I get it "Rat Rods" are built with used parts but this is how you pay the bills on a TV show like this. When advertisers are putting up 100% of the money you have to appease them with promoting their products.

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