Garage Door – Air & Bug Sealing | List of best cleaning accessories

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Garage Door – Air & Bug Sealing | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Garage Door - Air & Bug Sealing
Garage Door – Air & Bug Sealing

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On this episode Matt is using his current garage as a testing ground for some garage upgrades that he is hoping to employ at his new house!
The goal is to have a similar level of control over his new garage, which will be conditioned by it’s own mini-split unit, as he will have over his conditioned living space.

The garage will be completely air sealed from the main house, and with the help of these new garage door tracks, ThermoTraks, his garage space will be air sealed as much a s possible. Tag along as Matt talks about his new ThermoTraks, as well as a number of other garage door upgrades!

Learn more about ThermoTraks here:

Learn more about Wirehide here:
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Sensor Protection on Amazon
Dragon Fan Garage Exhaust Fan

Learn more about Liftmaster here:

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  1. Matt Risinger, at 4:07 Robbie works some kind of garage door guy magic with the bottom door gasket by tucking the end inside itself. Can you explain, please!

  2. Any chance you can talk a little about your concrete around the bottom of the doors? I keep getting rain in my shop. But I see you have something like a ditch it guess around the doors

  3. Hmm. What about just installing the vertical section of the door tracks with the proper angle and when the doors are closed install the seals snugly against the doors?

  4. Put foam backer rod inside of the lower garage seal. You may need to adjust the closer but it really seals the bottom better.

  5. The s track was accidentally designed by a guy who got pissed off and threw something at his garage door.

  6. Great video! I liked and subscribed to your channel. Question for ya. On the outside of my garage door if i wipe my and across it then I get dusty paint on my hand. Is there a way to apply some kind of clear sealer to the door?


  7. Regarding the garage vent and fumes, is the system intrinsically safe? Natural gas or gasoline fumes being drawn over a standard electric motor may cause the fire you are trying to avoid with the fan.

  8. I don't care at all that Matt was comped the products. I like having somebody competent with real world experience present various products and techniques that solve this problem all in one place. How else would you get this info? Sure, spend three hours searching the web for everywhere garage door product you can find. I'll just watch the video and take it from there.

  9. North Central garage door makes an inflatable tube that goes inside the bottom rubber to make a better seal. Idk if that’s enough of what your thinking for the bottom. As for insulated doors I’m looking at putting a R18 HAAS door in mainly because of the air sealing between the panels. Something that most other brands don’t have.

  10. I have absolutely no affiliation with any of these fantastic companies sending me free shit, all designed by geniuses by the way. I get zero remuneration from any of these beautiful companies that have made my new house so cheap to build because most of it was from all the free shit they constantly send me without me getting paid one red cent.

  11. Sometimes its best practice to let glues to set up and get hardput a board on and clamp to get a strong bond before moving door 24 hours min on temp to set also.

  12. Cracks me up with the “I’m not affiliated with them but they did send me this free *add product name here*”

  13. Here’s one thing I don’t understand. MyQ works with Amazon for Amazon Key but does NOT WORK with Amazon Alexa. Why?

  14. If you want a more comfortable garage, add a sheet of radiant barrier over the inside of your whole garage door. I can explain more if you are interested.

  15. Chamberlain openers also have TTC ( time to close)
    Door will close in 1, 5, 10, mins after you open door
    it is in some models of there openers ( it is in the wall mount switch can be upgraded on almost ant chamberlain opener)
    I am an installer in Canada :D

  16. So the motion sensor on the fan causes it to constantly be going on and off if you're working in the garage?

  17. Hey Matt do you have a garage floor paint recommendation? I’m assuming your garage gets heavy traffic and it looks like yours has held up well.

  18. I love my insulated door!
    I went with metal with insulation between, so the insulation was not exposed.

  19. My parents fiberglass garage door faced due east and the garage would be like an oven by 10:00 am. They replaced the standard door with an insulated door offered by a garage door company…nothing upgraded to the insulation, but they did get the model with windows. What a difference! It was really nice because their laundry was in the garage and it made it much more comfortable than baking hot, although the garage would still always be at the temperature and humidity of the outside air once the door was opened for a car. The natural light was nice, too.

  20. "This is not a paid advertisement but they did send me one for free". Is free stuff not a form of payment?

  21. Delivery people coming into my house when I'm not home? Yeah…no. Not going to happen. But, I do like the ability to automatically close an open door.

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