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garden candle holders – Kyle Thornley – Metal Mind Design | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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garden candle holders - Kyle Thornley - Metal Mind Design
garden candle holders – Kyle Thornley – Metal Mind Design

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The blacksmithing process creating a simple garden candle holder. ..

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  1. Wish people would try and listen to their videos with that stupid background music going. It doesn't do anything but get your views cut short.

  2. Are you going to actually hit the metal or just tap it. Thinking maybe that's all the harder you can swing. Pathetic

  3. Me encantó tu trabajo me suscribo al canal gracias por compartir tus trabajos saludos desde Bariloche Argentina 🇦🇷 gracias

  4. you were missing something as a child right…we see what you are doing..then you stop to explain it do good work…just do what you do and let the video talk for you……

  5. I really like you jig that allows you to bend the ring and then turn the whole thing to a right angle all on one jig. I have been making a similar thing for a different purpose and will be making a jig like yours.

  6. Very nice simple design. Thanks for sharing.Revealed by Fire Blacksmithing.

  7. thanks for the sharing of knowledge! been a great inspiration to my blacksmithing! regards lee moriarty

  8. Good vid but need a wireless mike on your person to stop shouting and bad echo in building all the best ant from Wales UK or crewman tone for channel 405 cameraman

  9. Very nice Kyle. I like your job too. I'll be working this idea to fit a large number of glass insulators I have.

  10. That's a great project! I'd like to try a few. Do you know where to get the glass vessels with the flared lip?

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