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GFire Plate Carrier: When You Don't Want to Get Ripped Off | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject GFire Plate Carrier: When You Don't Want to Get Ripped Off? Are you looking to see best plate carrier? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

GFire Plate Carrier: When You Don't Want to Get Ripped Off | Best hand tools for you.

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GFire Plate Carrier: When You Don't Want to Get Ripped Off
GFire Plate Carrier: When You Don't Want to Get Ripped Off

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TacticalDoodle and I take it to the Bunker to offer you up a cost effective and yet xlnt Plate Carrier option: the GFire. Tested in hard use X4 Ops, this GFire carrier is comfortable and well made. Well under $100 offered in tan, black, and OD at time of review. Many US made options reviewed here are well over $250 just for the vest; add in body amor and pouches and you’ll have a $1000 plate carrier! The links below show you how to avoid that high cost. Probably short-lived so you might want to get it while they’re being offered!

Affiliate Links below: (amazon associate program, we get a portion of the proceeds if you choose to buy)

All shown in the review: GFIRE LBE Modular Vest in Amazon:
Pistol Mag Pouch (“Raiseek”):

DJNK Topless Pistol Double Mag Pouch w patch velcro:
AR M4 STANAG Triple/Double Pouch:
AR M4 Double Mag Pouch with flaps (as I used):
AR M4 Triple Mag, Bungee Pouch w/Labels:

Botach body armor at great prices, Botach service has been slow btw:
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels 10″x12″
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panel 10″x12″ Shooters Cut Battle Steel Ballistic Plate Carrier
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels For LBE, Backpacks
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels 11″x14″
All ballistic gear at Botach

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  1. Scout154 More gear reviews Nutn! Update gloves video would be awesome 7 2d The Nutnfancy Project Copy, Glove update….I'll get to work on it. just now Todd Strelka I don't watch football after eating Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll watch this later. I could use a plate carrier and some armor. 5 2d Ryan Reese Dude, hope you and the family are doing well. Been praying for you guys. 🤙 4 2d Greg Malcom Happy Thanksgiving Nutnfancy family!! 3 2d Dan Casey Been waiting for this review! Saw your post on Twitter and already bought one. Still need to break it in. 3 2d Bernt Ryggs Excellent vid, Nutn! I geared up on a condor rig on your recommendation way back in the day. Still run it, still love it 3 2d Ryan A Agilite is having a black Friday sale. They have two nice carriers for about 200. Those are out of Israel, and they have nice upgrades. Like better load bearing, ventilation, and quick disconnect. It’s hard these days to avoid Chinese products, because the cost is low and some products really perform well. 2 2d Bill The Broken Nutn great to see – I bought the EXACT rig in fde last month! For the price, man I don't think it can be beat. Thanks for the confirmation! 3 2d Tom Small 3a plates stop handgun rounds only. AR500 has buy one get one sale for level 3 and 3+. Thanks for the video! 1 2d Rob B Hey Tom, I have a set of 3+ plates and a set of level IV ceramic. Of the two, the ceramic is much lighter & more comfortable. However, if price is an issue, don’t hesitate to get the 3+ plates. They really are excellent for the money. I would suggest trauma pads to fit behind them to make them more comfortable to wear and to help fill up the carrier pocket a little better. Cheers. 1 2d Kelly Mcclellan I have a vest from chase tactical. It’s level 4. Currently it only has the ability to carry three AR mags. I’m not sure what else I need to put on it. 2d Jeremy Gontarz Just bought a tan one hopefully it will blend well with jeans and a t-shirt for camouflage in urban setting. Trying not to stick out like a sore thumb. 2d The Nutnfancy Project THat's a good color for that, I think you will like it, let us know 2 2d Load reply Edward mcclure Condor does make a horizontal holster, called the “HT” I think. It’s got molle straps for mounting. It is however, a universal style holster. 1 2d Josh Payne Says he doesnt want to say a price when the price is on a sticker in the middle of the vest lol 1 2d David and Elizabeth Looks like fantastic value for money. Thanks for the video to watch after our Thanksgiving dinner. 👨‍👩‍👧❤ 1 2d Patrick Brichta Happy Thanksgiving to All! 2d Trey Baker Hey Nutn seen on Twitter you got the Rona get well soon buddy and great video. 2d The Nutnfancy Project Thanks, yep I got Corona, had some bad cold symptoms, some fluid in the lungs but not too bad. Thanks! 7 2d Load reply Travis Bright Bought one from tweet. About to order a second for the fam. Great fit for all sizes. 2d The Nutnfancy Project Good feedback, thanks 1 2d david rockwell Preparation reduces anxiety and while providing time to assess changing environment. Defensive items like plate carrier/armor assist with the first rule of survival; do not get shot. Thank you for the continued effort and dedication. 1 2d Cyborg009 Thanks for the review. This has always been a low priority but at the price could not be resisted. 1 2d Mike Great vid!! Nutn, have you thought of setting up an email list to keep your followers updated on things if the censorship gets crazy? 2d Rob B I’ve separated my systems according to threat level, but differently from Nutn’s style. I’m fairly thin so my LBE real estate is limited as compared to some of my larger TNP brothers. I have to spread items around vertically. I prefer my pistol on a belt with its 3 spare mags, 1 M4 mag, & an IFAK. I keep 4 M4 mags on my plate carrier w/ a Rat 1 and not much else. I can use just the belt, just the carrier, or both. 1 2d Clint Raby Bought this off of the link in the video of you and Mrs. Nutn testing knifes in the mountains. Still working on outfitting it but I really like it. Thanks again Nutn! 2d Devin Heald Aside from the political environment right now how does one spin the need to have a LBE system to the wife? lol thanks 1 2d David M Behsman Tell your wife that it will help consummate your marriage. At least it kind of works for my uncle. 1 2d Load reply Robert Avery Appreciate the review and enjoyed this video instead of more NFL kneelers today. Happy Thanksgiving to TNP. 3 2d Ruben Lopez TD, there's nothing in my rear, let alone a radio!!! But I am always packing upfront, a long barrel! 2d Guy Actual Picked up a ranger green version… As I don't live in the desert… 2d Joshua Keeler I grabbed a green one as I live in the ozarks. Nice price. 2d Ed Klonowski Thanks NUTN, gave me the drive to get a vest for the wife as well as round my vtac vest out. Finally “squared away”. Thanks 1d Marko B. Too bad i have ordered Helikon-Tex Training Mini Rig just few days a go. Well, hope it will serve me well and if not, this will my next buy. Link to the Helikon is some one is interested: Thx for the great review and a recommendation! 1d Drew Cox Just bought mine last night. I saw the Twitter post, so I placed it in my Amazon cart. Recently started a new contract job that has me really needing a vest now, so that's that! Thanks Nutn and TD. Good to see y'all! 1d Bretti Andrettski I just dove in for the black carrier because I may end up downtown Portland so I'll have a "PRESS" patch on the front and back that way the BLM/Protifa freaks pass me by. Get well Nutn. 23h Foghorn Yup.. Bought one for the son to use with some III plates… I've got some AR500 plates but dang it will be heavy… but he's young and fit… Great suggestion. 21h Ronald RayGun Ordered one in green….2nd cool 14h Racing Psychosis If you cannot pick up a good color for your region, don't be afraid to rattle can that thing with some other more fitting colors. 1 13h Red dog 1 Botach says they have things in stock…… but not so much. They had slow service prior to COVID, BLM and the election. I’ve been waiting on an order for months. I will give you that they have good prices. But how long does one have to wait. 1 11h Mark Hansen Thanks again, Nutn and Doodle. Just ordered one in OD green. Should be here today! Going to set it up similar to that w/IIIA's. Stay safe and be well!! –Mark 1 8h SaltySouthpaw Just bought a condor rig for the same price at a local gun show here in Ohio. From what I see both rigs are exactly the same. Good stitching. Both made in China. So don’t feel bad about buying this one, you’re basically buying a condor."

  2. I have a maker here in Georgia that can and will custom make your carriers to Spec Plus ratings. I ordered my rig with dual contour AR 500 plates and trauma pads. The company is Vet owner ( so he actually knows how armor is worn) and 100% American made.
    Its not cheap however, both of my rigs were built to my needs and were just shy of 1 grand for the pair.
    For anyone interested I can post a link to him.

  3. Guys spend a more than a grand for a decent rifle ( yes a good rifle costs more than a grand, despite what you're told) but will comparison shop for armor?
    The law of averages are pretty clear on this….as you spend ammo in a fire fight your odd of being shot increase dramatically.

  4. Another great option is HRT and either the HRAC or RAC. For the $140 u pay for the HRAC or the $180 for the RAC, your getting a lot of quality.

  5. Just picked up an LA Police Gear Atlas plate carrier and a pair of their level 4 plates. Carrier was priced at $80 and the plates were around $120 each. I’m excited to check it all out and get the carrier all set up. I did scope out the shellback tactical beforehand. I’ve got a few condor mag pouches and they’re great for the price. I really like all my other LA Police Gear stuff so far too and it’s also very affordable

  6. I hate to break it to y’all but there are way better gear out there then this one. Not being a sick.

  7. The condor MOPC gen 2 took your idea with replacing the elastic cummerbund with bungee cord. Also, they changed the cummerbund to hold 6×11 soft armor instead of 6×6/6×8 side plates. I personally liked side plate pockets.

  8. As of 4/2 still available and 64 – 71 on Amazon. I bought mine when the video first went up. Stuck some level 4 hybrid single curve plates in it and it’s holding up well.

  9. Has anyone bought the "tan" one? I have green but I want coyote. I love the GFire, I just don't want to spend $65 on a carrier the wrong color

  10. Notice they're calling all of this "airsoft" gear. I guess Amazon won't let them sell it otherwise.

  11. My LBE needs to be TOTALLY checked and re done and squared away… Ate up like soup sandwich… Not gonna lie

  12. I Ordered an AR500 Testudo full kit for over $300 after the election, and took 3 months to actually get it; be aware guys, there is very high demand for this these days so don't delay, it may take a long time to get what you order!

  13. Trying not to buy made in 🇨🇳 like most things sold on Amazon … giving my money to help fund ccp and slave labor is not optimal. Canceled my cool hand grips when I realized it was made in China and went with Lok grips… I’ll pay more, anyone who can should try. It’s not easy, they don’t make it easy to find out where it’s made… ordering on Amazon is easy but it’s mostly from 🇨🇳

  14. ha ha i bought this plate carrier before i knew nutn did the review, condor jacked up the price so i bought the gfire instead. i run mine with steel rifle plates, and it rocks

  15. Ordered the GFIRE carrier after watching this review. I am impressed!! Really nice and everything Nutn said it was.

  16. If one of my soldiers showed up with that vest I’d destroy them. Crye, eagle, shellback, lbt, ferro, spiritus, etc. have so many quality options available both new and used for reasonable prices.

  17. Its kind of a hard sell condor makes the gunner that has a quick release for it at this price.

  18. So the side pouches you said 6×6 plates, maybe 6×8. What size would you recommend for the front and back? You probably said but I have a short attention span and never watch the full video lol. I’ve seen people put like 3 different sizes in the front and back and don’t know what to buy

  19. Will this accept level4 steel plates? Which size should I get? I just ordered the plate holder this morning. Never used one before but it's time to get ready even if I'm just defending where I'm sleeping at. Thanks for the help in advance.

  20. Butwhat about small guys like myself? 5'4" at 135 lbs. I honestly have a hard time finding carriers or rigs that don't hang around my waist too loosely. I stay fit so fat doesn't fit me.

  21. just recently got all my stuff from AR500 Armor(beginning of GF Riots). they are local to me here in AZ and the quality has been top notch. Just ordered a full belt setup from them as well yesterday. I figured i should support local and do everything i can to keep the US working instead of other countries… But i totally understand those who cant do that.

  22. I'd purchase a bunch of Chinese vests and then make sure they were legit, ie. they didn't have any hidden incendiary devices or anything that can be triggered by the commies.

  23. Hey Nutnfancy, a video for bigger guys would be great, im 285 6ft tall and for example the carriers are 7.5inch wide from back to front and thats like half of what I need. Is there any recommendation for guys that are a little or a lot on the heavier side?

  24. That thing looks like it is big enough to fit the jolly green giant. It sucks to have to try and buy this shit online without being able to be fitted properly. Why does nobody carry this stuff in their stores?

  25. I just received this carrier yesterday evening from Amazon. Ive had a few $300 carriers in the past, for everyone down here trashing Chinese carriers; you're severely wrong on this one. This carrier is outstanding for the price. If this were made in the U.S. it would be $250 or more. Theres are still in stock on Amazon, if you're on the fence.. Dude pull the trigger. This is a trunk carrier for an active shooter scenario if I have the time to prepare before the shooting starts. Its actually so well done I feel guilty relegating it to the trunk hopefully to never be used. Good eye nutn, thank you.

  26. Just bought that vest havnt got it yet but all reviews ive seen have been all good to excellent as of this date dec. 6 2020 i paid $ 147.00

  27. Well, the guys who’ve only subscribed for a few years could also stop being lazy and search through your playlist of videos.

  28. The problem with body armor (or LBE) videos is that so many older videos contain now defunct Amazon links. (Did they ban body armor?)

  29. Best to get Armor Express and a blauer vest for it. Armor Express can be worn stand alone under clothes for those situations

  30. You need to add some length to the bunker. Too close together and this makes you sound like you are in a box. Is this a room safe? (You don't need to answer if OPSEC) I am sure the "guard duty" added mind set and skills. Thanks for the video.

  31. What happened to the concealed carry political video? Did youtube remove it? Is it now on another platform?

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