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Glittering An Old Asphalt Driveway | Review best products

Are you searching for the subject Glittering An Old Asphalt Driveway? Are you looking to see asphalt tile floor? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Glittering An Old Asphalt Driveway | Review best products for household.

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Glittering An Old Asphalt Driveway
Glittering An Old Asphalt Driveway

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  1. Hi, this is very pretty! Can you help me. We’re using epoxy paint on our concrete patio. What size/type glitter would you recommend from your store? I want it to sparkle, just like your driveway!!!

  2. What happened after the first good rainfall? I feel like just sprinkling it on top a lot won't stay stuck.

  3. That is so magical looking!! Very cool !! With some well positioned lights, I bet that would look incredible at night

  4. I used glitter on my epoxy basement floor and just had the thought of using it on my driveway. lol. I see we think alike

  5. WAs this regular sealer you get At a big box store? Do you get snow where you live? Curious as to durability in cold climes.

  6. Drivewsy sealer wet to glitter? Coal tar that dries a matte finish?
    Where for glitter? Seed spreader? Durability in cold climes?

  7. 😭😭😭 it's so beautiful and looking at it makes me want to dive in headfirst and go swimming and if I saw it in person I would probably try, knowing damn full well it is concrete 😂😂 I love this sooooo much.

  8. Was the husband even keen ? You need to turn your house into a fairy theme follow the glitter path to tinker bells house 🤦‍♀️

  9. this is stunning, I love sparkles too.. was wondering do you put sealer on before or after you sprinkle the glitter on the ground.. im after doing this on my garden patio it will be on cement tho would this still work? to put sealer down and then glitter or glitter before sealer? which sealer is best to use outside, im new to this so any help would be much appreciated hun x

  10. What is the preparatory black stuff? Is it tarmac/ashphalt? Btw blooming lovely end result! Is it still lovely? X

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