Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review (30012) | List of best cleaning accessories

Are you searching for the subject Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review (30012)? Are you looking to see performance accessories hard surface cleaner? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review (30012) | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review (30012)
Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review (30012)

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My detailed review of the Greenworks Universal Surface Cleaner Attachment. For the cost and performance, is it worth it?

The pressure cleaner used is the Power USA NXG2200, and the Greenworks attachment is model number 30012. Both can be researched and purchased on our Amazon Store Front: Any purchases directly support the channel so if you decide to buy, THANK YOU!

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2018 Chevy Colorado WT
2016 Peach Cargo 5×10 Enclosed w/V-Nose & Side Door
2017 Bobcat QuickCat 36″ Stander
2016 Big Dog Alpha 36″ Zero-Turn
ECHO PAS2620 Power Base
ECHO 58V Power Base
Poulan Pro PP25SFA Power Base
ECHO Pro-Torque Trimmer Attachment
ECHO Straight-Shaft Edger Attachment
ECHO Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment
ECHO 3 Foot Extension Attachment
Poulan Pro Pole Saw Attachment
ECHO PB770T Blower
ECHO PB8010 Blower
ECHO HC150 Hedge Trimmer
ECHO 58V Hedge Trimmer
Worx 40V Hedge Trimmer
DJI Spark
GoPro Session 4
GoPro Hero (2018)




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  1. I am a senior lady in my late 60s and this is so EASY for me to use without bugging my son Wish I would have got this YEARS ago when my husband was still alive He would spend 8 to 10 hours cleaning our patio and with this surface cleaner I can get the same job done in 1 to 2 hours!!!! WOW easy and fast and I think even cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I do a lot of pressure washing, and bought a little stool on casters which I use when doing flat surfaces. I sit on it, roll along as I go, saves my back big time!

  3. Do you know if ryobi power washer accessories are compatible with greenworks systems ofcourse with appropriate pressure ratings.

  4. Are there collapsible nozzle/handle out here so I can adjust the length to my size? I’m 6’3, my hedger/trimmer machine is killing my back, I can only work 2 minutes at a time.

  5. Erect and back and forth patterns should not b in the same sentence:-)😂.. my personal opinion I like the black commercial one from echo I think it was.

  6. No way man. I'll stick with gas and 2500psi if i'm gonna use a surface brush, it'll take way too long with this.

  7. Seems like it misses spots in the middle which means you have to go over it again and again. Does it really save any time over the standard heads?

  8. I just placed my order from Amazon. Did a little bit of price shopping, but it pays off when you do the homework, which brought me to your video review. Just finished doing my vinyl white fence. Being a 63 yr old female with herniated disks and frozen shoulders syndrome, there was no way I could tackle my large cement patio. This surface cleaner is going to be a life changer. Your excellent video review confirmed I made the right purchase. Thank you Brad. A ton of hugs coming your way!!!!!!

  9. does GreenWorks make a washer head capable of using a pressure head that can withstand more the 2k psi ??

  10. Brad, every surface cleaner I have ever used you have to go back with regular nozzle and spray it off. Even Dan (Dans vlog) has to do that and he has a commercial pump. Great video, thank you for posting.

  11. I use a green works 2000 psi pressure washer and the same surface cleaner. I cleaned a 40+ foot driveway and used the surface cleaner it is very durable . Before you use the surface cleaner spray undiluted soap on the the area that needs to be cleaned.But
    NEVER use this surface cleaner on aggregate is sucks when used on aggregate.

  12. I have the same surface cleaner, works great. 3 years and still going strong. BTW, I use a 1600 psi, 1.2 gal per min electric unit. no problems.

  13. Nice job Brad, regardless, for the money that was a good cleaning job, possibly better then nothing at all. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Hi Brad I have a pressure washer too, minus the circle thing. Love your videos and love that smile at the end of video.😜😘

  15. Hey brad,just wanted to say what's going on bud and I'm giving you a shout out from Mississippi and from my business Langford Lawncare. You're very proffesional and i give you my best regards my man. I had 2 pressure washing jobs this last Sunday and one of them was a decent sized driveway and i could've used this. I actually went and bought 1 that day after the job but haven't used it yet so thanks for sharing the info and I'll definetly be giving it a go before i know it. I hope all is well!

  16. Check out Dan’s Vlog here on YouTube.he has a wealth of pressure washing as well as lawn care videos on his channel.I’ve learned a lot from his videos

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