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GTE 043 — Surebonder Glue Gun | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject GTE 043 — Surebonder Glue Gun? Are you looking to see cordless glue gun? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

GTE 043 — Surebonder Glue Gun | Best garden tools for you.

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GTE 043 — Surebonder Glue Gun

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In this episode, I review the Surebonder CL-800F 60-Watt Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun. I test the claim that it will keep the glue hot for up to 2 minutes while not on the charger, and I try it out on a mix of different materials.

Surebonder CL-800F 60-Watt Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun:

Gorilla 3034502 Hot Glue Sticks 4 In. Full Size, 45 Count:

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  1. I was waiting for your wife to walk over and open the door to the basement and say " Dinner's ready"!! LOL.

  2. So I'm guessing that you have found a glue gun to replace your older one by now. But… I gotta add my two cents in. For what it's worth anyway. I just found the Gorilla Glue hot glue gun. I needed one in a pinch and picked up the mini at Walmart. Like you mentioned with the minis you fly through the sticks( but I found a solution for that issue at a craft store recently). The Gorilla Glue gun has a low high inset switch which I love. Being able to switch back and forth for different types of material prevents the melting of foam or more heat-sensitive fabrics. Now it does not have a precision/detail tip but it does have a decent length cord at 5 feet. Gorilla Glue does have a full size. And you are on point with using their glue sticks. I have been crafting since crafting was just a life skill that we learned just because. Or to spend some downtime with grandparents or parents and I have not found another glue stick that matches the quality of bond and smoothness that Gorilla gives us. Thanks for your videos.

  3. Thank you for this video, you have just decided my xmas gift. You have also earned a new sub.this was a lengthy video but it was perfect! Everything I needed to know without a paid review. I can't thank you enough for this time you spent and the genuine honesty. .hugs.

  4. I have the Surebonder Plus dual temp DT270F. I am almost ready to get rid of it. It does not work well at either temperature. The tip loses heat so quickly that the glue can clog at the nozzle while being hot at the heating element. Finally, it jammed when the feed glue stick started melting while the tip was too cool.

  5. Thanks for the review. Was trying to decide if I wanted this one, based on amazon reviews. Nice to see it in action. I was also curious if gorilla glue would with with it too.

  6. Hi I just wanted to ask you if you still use this glue gun and if you still like it? I'm in the market for a new one in this one sounds good.

  7. I’m on my second one, second one sent from the company. Same problem; it stops working within weeks!
    It does drip glue no big deal just putting it out there.
    I found this video while looking for tips on somehow repairing this same model.
    Wonderful America made product but the design of this product needs works.

  8. Hello, I have read many comment about it starting to drip a lot after some use. Could you verify that? Thak you :)

  9. I never could get mine, even tho heated up Hot, to squeeze any glue out. Very disappointed. Would you know why? Bought bran new

  10. I got this gun, wish I could return it.
    The low temp on this gun is the same as the high temp on my old gun and the High temp could set fire to what I normally use. Plus the nosel is shorter and a lot less accurate in terms of aiming and the much higher temp makes it come out in massive globs very hot and dangerous puddles

  11. Hi there just seeing your review, I just want to know how it's still working after over of this review?

  12. The little “wings” on the side are to angel the gun towards the tip to keep the glue from flowing out the back of the gun which would render it useless. The only thing I wish this had is dual temp so it could be put on low for gluing foam and high for other materials.

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