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Half Size Lugnut Socket Set: Steelman Pro From Jersey Discount Tool Co. | List of the Best Power Tools

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Half Size Lugnut Socket Set: Steelman Pro From Jersey Discount Tool Co. | The Best Power Tools.

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Half Size Lugnut Socket Set: Steelman Pro From Jersey Discount Tool Co.

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Steeman Pro Half Sized Lugnut Socket Set: Jersey Discount Tools Deal $40.00

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  1. Thanks for putting in the time to entertain and educate us on tools. I'm a new diesel tech and I've been enjoying all your vids brother. I Bought a lot great tools because of you. Thanks again, Clay!

  2. nick is a outstanding tool guy and gives great deals with the power of clay and nick together watch tool nerd world the forces have joined

  3. I have the same set and I just used it the other day for the first time it made the job a lot easier

  4. It is good you tell subscribers about all good tools that may help people out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I will tell you a little secret Mr. Kuhn trucker! They’re not actually 19s! They are in fact 20 mm. Ford Lugnuts come in two common designs exposed and non-exposed. The exposed Lugnuts can often be found under those plastic/polished aluminum center caps which can be found on Ford explores for scapes and even Ford Rangers from 2011 on down. The other type are the non-exposed Lugnuts. These are a two piece design which have that pressed on chrome cap over them. These types of Lugnuts can be found on mustangs fusions Tauruses fiestas and focuses. I happen to own three fords to have the nonexposed two piece lug nut and one has the exposed single piece lug nut. My 99 explorer has a 19 mill all day. However my 2012 Ford fusion is a 20 mm. What I have noticed is that most impact socket sets skip over the 20 mm size and therefore you have to use a 19 which is and undersize which most often causes the two piece lug nut to bind up and jam inside the socket. That is why I purchased detecting 15 piece metric deep well impact socket set which has a 10 mm up to a 24 mm with no skip sizes. Slapping the 20 mm socket on my Ingersoll rand W 7150 pulls those Lugnuts off of my 2012 fusion with no problem. When the lug nut comes off it’s just as simple as pulling it out of the end of the socket without having to bang it around. I plan on putting a video up on my own personal channel demonstrating this

  6. Hey clay, a good rule of thumb with wireless mic placement is to do the hang 10 hand sign from your mouth to your chest. (Thumb to mouth pinky to chest) where your finger lands on your chest is the best place to put it. Also shotgun mics get waaaay better audio for your studio setup. Keep up the good work every episode the quality goes up!

  7. Absolutely a must have flip socket set there. Cornwell sells these on the truck in a soft red package for $61. Has anyone ever seen a 3/8” flip socket set? I’ve had a few trucks looking unsuccessfully. I’m not sure if SnapOn would have them or not because I was afraid to ask my driver about them because if he does find them he’ll show up a month from now with them sitting on the shelf on special for $482 expecting me to buy them🤔. I use my 3/8” Milwaukee 96% of the time and it would be nice not having to use an adapter.

  8. Nick is the most known dealer I would say, I picked up a monster tool cart from him one time. He is only like an hour from me

  9. I just had an issue with these who ever took of the rim before me didnt have these and messed up everything

  10. I just sent them money on two deals yesterday! Snap on man still got a good bit yesterday and Matco tomorrow

  11. Used a couple different kinds, borrowed from others in my shop. Waste of money in my opinion, 99% of the time they still don't fit. I recommend lug nuts now, if they don't want them, the wheels stay on

  12. Around here everything Is long past the half sizes and into an entire size up from what it used to be and they are STILL TIGHT and stick in your sockets. Yesterday I had to take my socket over to the vise and whale them out with a hammer after every, single, lug nut. POS dodge ram. That free tire rotation turned into a $40 bill real quick.

  13. I used these consistently in a professional setting for a little under 2yrs I've never cracked any nor have they ever failed on me . I most commonly used them when I couldn't get inn with a thicker socket but they have worked out well I even keep spares off them around but I had them individually without the case and center punch

  14. The heat from the brakes causes the weak bond between the Chrome caps and the steel nuts to break and the chrome caps distort and expand without anything to bond too.

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