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Hand-Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs | The Best Power Tools

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Hand-Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs | The Best Power Tools.

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Hand-Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs
Hand-Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Needs

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What’s up future sparkies?

My name is Stephen and I love my career as an electrician. This is a fantastic career and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. If you’re asking yourself if you should become an electrician, the short answer is yes.

In this video I talk about the tools of the trade. In the first half of this video I talk about the hand tools that I always have on me and then transition into talking about tools that are important to have but that I don’t use as often.

The majority of tools I talk about in this video are from Klein Tools. They are basically the standard for hand-tools in the electrical industry. You really can’t go wrong with them. Other tool brands that I mention are DeWalt, Knipex, Milwaukee, Fluke, and Stanley.

Below I have a list of tools that I have and recommend from this video. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases:

Klein Wire Strippers:

Vice Grip Self Adjusting Strippers:

Klein Diagonal Cutters:

Knipex Diagonal Cutters:

Klein Needle Nose Pliers:

Knipex Insulated Cable Shears:

Klein Cables Shears:

Klein 11-1 Screwdriver:

Klein Conduit Reamer:

Klein Cabinet Screwdriver:

Klein Screwdriver Set:

Stanley Fatmax Tape Measure:

Klein Level:

Knipex Channel Locks (7 1/4”):

Knipex Channel Locks (10”):

Fluke Tick-Tracer:

Klein Laser Light:

Milwaukee Head-Lamp:

Klein Hammer:

Klein Lineman’s Pliers:


Magnetic Stud Finder:

Klein Wrench Set:

Fluke 117 Multi-Meter:

Klein 7-1 Nut Driver:

Klein Nut Driver Set:

Klein Allen Wrench Set:

Tin Snips:

Link to my Instagram page:

The Mad Electrician Lounge Discord:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Yea just grab a pair of the klein hybrid pliers. Those and a 11 in 1 can handle a lot of tasks

  2. Cutting screws with your strippers messes up the strippers in my experience. I like to use a heavy duty pair of strippers to cut screws so the light weight strippers don't get messed up.

  3. I was genuinely afraid you were going to stick that metal measure tape where you really shouldn't..😭😁

  4. Did you pick to be placed in a hospital for your apprenticeship or was that randomly assigned? Seems like a mellow, calm environment to learn the trade.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I just got accepted to local 369’s apprenticeship and they gave me a tool list. Good to know that there may be future purchases, which isn’t bad since I love tools.

  6. 🚨❌🚨. Quick tip for lazy bastards like ME 😷😆
    Invest in a pair of Greenlee “LITTLE KICKER” bending devices (1/2” and 3/4” sizes)
    + 2 pieces of 3/4 luan plywood / approx 12”x24” to use as a “base” for the units.

    Cut a pan oval “handle” on one end to make carrying easier…
    Sand & finish plywood w/poly to prevent water damage… it’ll be laying on wet/damp locations more often than not)

    If you are doing ANY number of EMT box offsets on a job, grab your desired “LITTLE KICKER” off the truck and watch it like a hawk.
    (I had 2 of the 1/2” and one 3/4” setups ‘walk” away on job sites over my 34 years of taming sparks. 😠)

    Google it NOW! It makes life so simple when you are clueless and need a ton of offsets bent.
    I was so horrible at bending pipe that I used to use the “homeowner grade” EMT offset connector to hit boxes.

    Then I saw an ATM (yup… money dispenser // or BLM-Antifa paymaster LOL) installer use one at a bank we were roughing in.
    He was running security alarm cable inside EMT and didn’t even carry a bender of any type other than this cool device.

    That’s my only tip for 2020…. other than #Stop.The.Steal !

  7. Stumptown is my favorite!! I'm stoked to see a channel from Portland. I'm waiting to get into an apprenticeship, so I'll be binging your videos

  8. So weird to see your pliers (Linemen’s/Klein’s) not being a everyday carry. I’m IBEW Local 3 3rd Second apprentice, and it would def be ranked number 1 on the list. Most old school journeymen don’t use strippers to strip wire, just their pliers, not to mention it’s the only thing we use to splice the wires. What do you guys use to splice? Also, our Local doesn’t supply tools, wish that they did. We have a tool list we have to buy/own for our first day starting as a apprentice.

  9. Just got accepted into my local for an apprenticeship starting in January! Was ranked 65. Thanks for the videos buddy you helped me kill it!

  10. Im actually going to join this trade and I know I made the right decision doing so! Great content by the way Stephen keep it up 🙌🏽

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