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Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks! | Best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks!? Are you looking to see roll cage tubing bender? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks! | Best garden tools for you.

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Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks!
Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks!

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Let’s take a look through all the bending hacks, tips and tricks. The Harbor Freight pipe bender can also bend tube with the methods seen in this video! This video will no doubt be controversial lol this might be the most hated tool on the internet!

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  1. If you fill the pipe with sand and lock both ends, the pipe will bend equally, as in ‘ roll cage’ and ‘ exhaust ‘ great vid, thanks

  2. Can that machine/ pipe bender be improved??. Improved upon or fabricate a new design based on the bender. I am sure a metal welder or metal fabricator can help in this design. Just a thought.

  3. Can you bend schedule 40 or 80 aluminum pipe with the HBF Bender…..?
    1.25-1/5" .125 Wall thickness….?

  4. What is the thickness of material you can bend? I'm wanting to try and make a custom motorcycle frame. I'm assuming if it's good enough for rock sliders its good enough for a motorcycle frame.

  5. another cheap but time consuming trick with those benders is to weld a cap on 1 end of the pipe fill it with sand pack it down the weld another cap on the other end then your ready to bend.

  6. I came up with a hack that works pretty well. I drilled a 5/8" hole in the center of the mandrel (below area where tube goes) and used a muffler clamp to hold the tube to the mandrel and prevent kinking. I've put 90 degree bends in 2" diameter steel tubes, both 0.120" wall and 0.25" wall. I've also bent 2" diameter 0.25" wall aluminum tube. I like the multiple bend method shown here! Definitely trying that next time!

  7. Exactly the way its bend on cross country pipelines. But with alot bigger hydrolics. Lol

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