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Hardening and Tempering a Chisel | The Best Power Tools

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Hardening and Tempering a Chisel | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Hardening and Tempering a Chisel

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Tips and tricks for hardening and tempering a chisel! Although I show the hardening and tempering process for a hot cut chisel, the same process could be used for tempering most hand tools made of either water or oil hardening material. The video is a thorough walk through on how to prepare the metal, harden the tool by quenching in oil, and tempering the tool.

Hardening and Tempering a Butcher Tool for Chasing:

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  1. Hi Mate, at 12:13 you say that your file is worn out. Looking at it I would say that it is loaded with swarf. Just get a file card and clean it to renew the cut. If this fails, run a fine wire brush in an electric drill across the grain and you will remove the swarf and sharpen the teeth of the file so that it is like new again. Cheers.

  2. How does the temper color effect the metal? if i want a knife to be purple/blue from the tempering, does this make the blade less hard than a bronze color?

  3. Fantastic videography! and fantastic information. even with everyone out there putting up smithing videos, yours has been the most informative, without any of the extra superfluous information to chew your way through. And the channel name was a big draw!

  4. Excellent thanks for showing us .respect to your camera lady she's important too .Ant from Wales UK.

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