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Hensley Arrow Hitch – Is It Worth It? – RV Full TIme | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Hensley Arrow Hitch – Is It Worth It? – RV Full TIme? Are you looking to see anderson sway control hitch reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Hensley Arrow Hitch – Is It Worth It? – RV Full TIme | Newly updated handsets.

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Hensley Arrow Hitch - Is It Worth It? - RV Full TIme
Hensley Arrow Hitch – Is It Worth It? – RV Full TIme

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We just took our Airstream out for the first time with our Hensley Arrow Hitch installed. This Hensley hitch is awesome! Hensley Hitch anti-sway says it all!

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  1. Welcome to the family! I am not paid to comment on the Hensley.
    We bought ours in 2007, and have towed 3 different RV's all in the 30' range and weighing up to 10,000 lbs, for a total of almost 39,000 miles, with NO SWAY, just like Hensley said. Our tow rig is a 2007 Chevrolet extended 1 ton van with a 55" wheel base. In our experience we think that makes a pull behind trailer tow much like a 5th wheel, so be advised that when turning, the trailer will cut inside of you tow rigs tires.

  2. Are these types of hitches only for on-road use and dirt roads / trails that aren't rough enough to require an articulating hitch?

  3. Here is mine Two Cents. We've used several WDH successfully and have no real complaints. However, on our next Airstream (hopefully this year yet) we plan on using a Hensley Design, probably the Hensely itself. I don't understand how the Propride Hitch version into the mix, I have questions. Also, it is more expensive than the same size Hensely!
    The reasons are Safety/Stability, especially when we plan on using a Short Wheel Base SUV.

    It interesting that most WDH rely on Friction to control Sway, they do not eliminate it! So, in WET conditions they lose their ability to reduce Sway. Because the Hensely type hitch doesn't rely on Friction to control Sway they don't experience this problem. Their design controls Sway by moving the "Trailer's Pivot Point," from the Hitch's Ball to a point just behind the Tow Vehicles Rear Axle. This design locks the Trailer and Tow Vehicle on the same Center Line, Swag can not occur! This also increases the amount of leverage required for the "Tail (trailer) to Wag the Head (Tow vehicle) thereby eliminating Swag altogether regardless of weather conditions!

  4. Does anyone have experience with the Andersen 3350 weight distribution and sway control hitch? The Hensley appears to be a wonderful product. I am curious though with the Andersen manufacturer claims of zero sway, is the Hensley worth the extra $2000. Any input would be awesome. Just purchased a longer travel trailer and we're going to upgrade our current hitch system. Thank you!

  5. I’ve been using Hensley Arrow for 10 years it’s on its second trailer now and would never tow without it. We have been following trailers all over the road and we are straight and smooth. If you’re going to pay $40,000 for a trailer then $3,000 for the best hitch on the Market is nothing in my opinion! By the way I ask about a reconditioned Hensley if cost is a factor.

  6. I Bought a Trailer With This Piece Of Shit On It… This Hitch Totally Sucks Ass! Hook Up Is Either 5 mins Or a Hour… Like I Said Total Piece Of Shit…

  7. Bought a used Hensley hitch a few years ago to tow a 7000 GVWL 27’ travel trailer with my Ford Expedition. Worked with the Hensley company to ensure I had the proper brackets and to install it correctly. Have towed several trailers in the past with typical weight distributing hitches and friction type sway control. Nothing compares to the Hensley which completely eliminates sway under all conditions. On first trip my wife commented she had never seen me more at ease when towing. Since then we made several cross country trips including 70 mph highway, winding mountain roads, and high cross wind conditions. Takes some practice to hitch up at first, but quickly becomes second nature. Getting the Hensley allowed me to keep my tow vehicle and trailer rather than upgrading to a 5th wheel and 3/4 ton truck just to feel safe while driving down the road. I would buy again at full price.

  8. That price tag is absolutely ridiculous. I tow a 30 foot bumper pull camper regularly with a 400 dollar princess auto weight distribution hitch and never have any troubles, I'm sorry if you're considering spending that kinda money first you should be looking at your camper, your tongue weights etc must be off

  9. This is a great hitch I f you are level with the ground when hitching or unhitching. I park my RV in my sloped driveway. My truck has all four wheels on the street and level when I’m backing in to hook onto it . I would love this hitch system but could never hook into it cause of the angle the RV is sitting at (20 degrees approximately). Need to buy a new house with a long level driveway.

  10. I've pulled trailers many miles with a regular load leveling hitch with sway control with complete satisfaction. Once was in a storm on I-55 south of Memphis, with heavy cross winds. Handled great at one third the price of Hensley. Would be hard for me to justify three times the price.

  11. I love our Hensley Hitch. If it is windy, I am not all nerves because O just tell myself we have a Hensley Hitch!! And my husband is a great driver. Worth every penny! It does take practice to hook up.

  12. How the hell would a guy back a perfectly square stinger into a perfectly square receiver if you were bush camping and on uneven ground? This hitch is made for trailer park queens. Which is too bad because I really like the whole no-sway deal.

  13. Probably a dumb question but my understanding is that you want to have 10-15% tongue weight on your trailer to reduce the chance of sway. The Hensley hitch claims to totally eliminate sway as opposed to the friction bar hitches that control sway. Now the dumb question. If sway is totally eliminated why not balance your trailer to zero tongue weight (or near zero) making hitching easier and also eliminating the need for weight distribution apparatus? This would mean less wear and tear on the tow vehicle and afford it more payload.

  14. Will be picking up my very first travel trailer with my 1500 Silverado on friday. How much díd it cost you

  15. Good job and great information for people looking to buy one. That's pricey, but soooo worth it! Thank you.

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