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Holosun’s BEST Red Dot Sight: HE515GT Review | Best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Holosun’s BEST Red Dot Sight: HE515GT Review? Are you looking to see best red dot sight? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Holosun’s BEST Red Dot Sight: HE515GT Review | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Holosun’s BEST Red Dot Sight: HE515GT Review
Holosun’s BEST Red Dot Sight: HE515GT Review

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My review of Holosun’s best red dot, the Holosun HE515GT.

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Holosun HE515GT Red Dot:

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  1. 22 rimfire ! I use conversion units from cmmg & kimber for my ar & 1911. Fortunately I had many thousands of rounds from previous purchases

  2. As of posing this, ammo levels are beginning to return, but during the scarcity, I’ve been doing some lowish (20-50) round count sessions at my range, while also focusing on rounding out my kit: mags, carry, carrier & plates, etc. Also, just because you can’t shoot as much doesn’t mean you can’t train; weight/resistance training aids weapon control and recoil management.

  3. Imagine a post collapse American society where all idiot we're all top tier corporations have collapsed and come issues have collapsed and companies like hollow sun rain supreme reign supreme our law enforcement our military are now only and our military are now only using primary arms and hollow sun the arms and hollow's son eotech is dead Trigicon and aint point are dead. crazy world

  4. I have a holosun 515cm which is basically the aluminum version of the one featured in this video. The shake awake will turn on in the next room if I sneeze and the qd mount works perfectly with the allen bolt torqued down pretty tight.

  5. Dude, you just solved my headache with holosun optics over four years and thousands of rounds. The red dot quality is great but the mounts are garbage. I went through four upgrade replacements up to this model because they had drifting zero issues on serious home defense models. I tightened the QD mount snug but enough to hit the lever release; you've demonstrated they're not snug enough and have play on them.

    What do you recommend for a solid mount for this optic? I want something titanium, no zero shift and made in USA.

  6. Holosun is run by the Chinese Communist Party with a charter and purpose of running the American suppliers of optics to the US military out of business. Trijicon is Holosun’s primary target for take down. Their strategy to accomplish this has 4 tactics: 1) Steal technology from the west (Trijicon has a lawsuit against Holosun as reported in the Wall Street Journal for technology theft and patent infringement.) 2) Offer pricing below market rates by utilizing slave labor, stolen technology to avoid having to invest in R&D, currency manipulation and even selling below costs and taking losses if necessary to hurt American and western developed companies sales. 3) Provide direct sales through any and all American distributors – offering margins that are higher than what US companies can provide – and disguising the product’s Communist Chinese owners by using OEM white label agreements with trusted American companies (like using Sig’s name to sell red dots made by Holosun ) 4) Pay shills on YouTube to promote their products. The last two are the worst because they involve American citizens helping the Chinese Communist Party harm our war fighting capabilities. These people are not patriots. I don’t know if this YouTube content provider understands the situation and the truth as I’ve described it here. I think he’s a good guy – but if he doesn’t take down this Holosun commercial then he too is aiding and abetting China and given our country the finger. If he has an opinion different than mine – then respond and set me straight. But every day there are more Americans like me that are sick of these shills selling out our country for 30 pieces of silver and then wrapping themselves in the American flag. All them hawking the Holosun and the Olight crap are the same type of people. They should be ashamed, apologize for harming our country and companies, and resolving to make money without taking Chinese Communist bribes.

  7. I’m sorry but any One of Holosuns titanium options are super durable. These are awesome! And I love my 508t for a pistol optic.

  8. Range for me is much less often, but when I go, I try to make every shot count where before, I was less deliberate. Lesson learned I guess…

  9. If you buy Holosun products, you are supporting the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) who fund Chinese companies to go against USA companies.
    The CCP are NOT our friends. Former Chairman Mao who founded the CCP killed over 50 million of his own people. If you are a patriotic American buy Trijicon or Leupold products. Wake up my fellow Americans our Country is under attack from within and external foes who hate our FREEDOMS!

  10. it wont let us comment or really anything but watch on your video "watch this before mounting anything to your ar" the age restriction only lets you go back to the main page im a fcking adult youtube

  11. Practice/ Training. Training very limited and directed. No wasting it. 20-30 rounds a month to maintain skills.

  12. Best dot is the HE530G.
    Bought the Mantis Training Academy System.
    Awesome system to save money during Ammo crisis

  13. Dry fire is how I train. Range time is only to find out what I need to work on at home with dry fire

  14. my shake and wake on the 515 is extremely sensitive. i tapped it with my finger lightly and i mean very lightly and it turned on

  15. They should definitely ditch the 'shake awake' feature. It's another failure point and another added cost that seems completely unnecessary on an optic with an already massive battery life, and if you're THAT bothered about battery saving, then they do a solar version.

  16. Training is done at home. Dry mag changes, dry drills. Range is for seeing what I need to work on at home.

  17. Honestly mash, I've been sitting on my stash I have for shtf or what have you, anytime I go shooting – which is not much , it's with whatever ammo I find at sportsman's warehouse because they're prices of 50 round pistol ammo is only a buck or two more than before covid times, so usually 13-15 dollars a box of 50, but as for long gun training, 556/223 is always .50 cents a round since covid, some places up to 70 cents to dollar per round I won't pay that, but I did bite the bullet and pay 50 cents a round back in December and that's what I've been using to go out and knock the rust off, but not shooting like I would like to, i go once a week, and go low round count drills and mag changes. Hope this comes down or we're going to be forced to pay 50 cents a round here on out. I'm actually out of AK range ammo, I have like 200 rounds left, and wont use my stashed cans of hollow points, again that's my defensive shtf type scenario so just sitting on it
    Hope y'all are doing better than me

  18. I am hanging on to the ammo I have. I flat plain refuse to pay what people are gouging everyone for!

  19. I recently traveled out to a "public" range, a Wildlife Management Area range. Very few people out there; in past years, it'd be packed- many times without any parking space available. There must have been almost as many government vehicles & officials ( WMA/enforcement vehicles ) there as there were people using the range. Would not be surprised that in today's climate, many left rather than staying and shooting. Usually, at this time of the year, one would expect about 200 or so people out there shooting; maybe a total of 20 to 30 ?? Need to go find somewhere else to shoot.
    Personally, with that many LEO's out there, I'm probably going to decline getting a WMA license for this year too. They seem to want to run the range as if it's a military range too; …

  20. Most uppers and most lowers are aluminum. So, sticking an aluminum sight on an aluminum receiver degrades anything how ? Most people are served by most decent red-dots. Holosuns tend to be "good enough" for most people.. I favor the circle dot tech – the 2 moa dot with a 65 moa circle, preferred in green.
    The more expensive models have the flip covers, which are a nice touch, and the kill flash. However, I believe all are "RED" not the "green" .. Am a fan of their solar models as well.
    The most important "user" spec, behind optics clarity, and how the dot looks, is battery life. Buy a cheapo optic, and find that their battery life is a few hundred hours to maybe a thousand, and you'll end up going to the range and finding out you need a spare battery.. Worst I had was two that used $10 worth of hearing aid batteries, per sight, PER NIGHT, whether you turned it on or not. The cheaper the optic, the more likely you'll run into issues with over-ratings of this or that.

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