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Honda Accord? DIY upgrade that undersized battery! | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Honda Accord? DIY upgrade that undersized battery!? Are you looking to see best car batteries 2017? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Honda Accord? DIY upgrade that undersized battery! | Best hand tools.

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Honda Accord? DIY upgrade that undersized battery!
Honda Accord? DIY upgrade that undersized battery!

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Do you have a 7th or 8th generation Honda Accord from years 2003-2013 with the 4-cylinder engine? Does its small anemic battery only last for 2 years or less like mine did or struggle to start in cold weather?

Here is the detailed yet simple procedure for upgrading its undersized group 51R battery to the larger group 35 size that comes in the 6-cylinder cars. It requires some upgraded hardware but is relative inexpensive for the vastly improved capacity and longevity that comes with the larger battery. Avoiding even one premature battery replacement easily pays for the necessary hardware not to mention the associated frustration and inconvenience.

Here are the upgrade parts that I used:

31521-SDB-A00 Box, Battery
31531-SDB-A00 Cover, Battery
31512-SDB-A01 Plate, Battery Setting
31513-SP0-010 J-Bolt, Battery Setting (2 required)
32600-SDB-A00 Cable Assy., Battery Ground ..

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  1. Upgrade worked great on my 2007 Accord 4cyl. All parts recommended fit perfectly. Can’t wait for an early morning start up in Mammoth Lakes. Thanks

  2. Or….you could go with a Odyssey pc680 (agm) motorcycle/atv battery. Theres room for 2 but i only use 1. Can be used with up to 8.0L engines. Used to save weight for racing and or space with custom installs.
    ** if ya can prevent an agm or regular lead acid battery from sulphating, you can greatly prolong its life. Wire a trickle charger up to your vehicle battery and plug in every night if possible. Hardwire with ring terminals or simply secure aligator clips works fine. Just make sure nothing will short them.out.

  3. OEM anything is staggering!..how much did all those "Plastic" parts cost…a few hundred?..nice video thanks!

  4. You can fit bigger 24F battery without spending any additional money or parts! A quality brand battery will usually last 3-4 years. Everstart maxx Walmart batteries are cheaper quality budget batteries and may not last. Then again I think we are being sold cheaper quality batteries nowadays and they are junk and not holding up..

  5. I owned 3 Honda cars never had any issues with battery size. Most batteries last around 5 years. Maybe its weather??

  6. Hello can any one help me .. my accord battery is dead so and its 440cca 45ah and is it possible i use 550cca 60ah? I have no idea

  7. But why does so many people even replace a bigger battery tray for? When i upgrade the OE 51R battery to group 35 battery i did not replace a bigger battery tray but instead still use the original battery tray. Still fits but just a bit tight..

  8. not necessary you need a bigger battery box. My group 35 battery fits in the original battery box OEM group 51R battery box tray *a bit tight fit but still does it job. All I changed was the bracket holder. Buying a new battery tray is fine but no point wasting money buying the battery cover lol. Doesn’t do a damn thing

  9. I live in the NorthEast, I have an Everstart 51R in my 2009 Honda CRV. Its 7 years old and still going. All those parts you bought must have cost just as much as a new battery. Pointless. Especially in San Diego.

  10. You can do this same upgrade to 04-08 tsx. I did it to mine also to my 05 civic but the civic has reverse terminals so a longer negitive cable is needed but it works. To hell with those power wheels battery why honda likes them idk but i have gone through too many of them to count so one day got fed up and did the mod.

  11. Wow, make me feel bad lol. I just took a hammer to my battery top tie down and removed the box and it worked fine for the 24f lol.

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