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Honda Accord insane sound system! | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Honda Accord insane sound system!? Are you looking to see best 15 inch subwoofer 2017? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Honda Accord insane sound system! | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Honda Accord insane sound system!
Honda Accord insane sound system!

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Single everest bdx 15 custom built by Corey Otis, crescendo 3500, crescendo 800/4, 6 RF punch pro mids and 2 punch pro tweeters. 145+db on music! Built by Good Vibrations Audio and Otis Designs built the sub. Thanks for watching!.

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  1. Music rocks the entire inside of the car

    Brandon Otis : “Not too bad”

    I was WEAK 😂😂😂

  2. Hahhhhhaaasaaaaa! Now that is just fucking ridiculous, lol. That would scare the shit out of me

  3. Were do u put your groceries and how are you going to pull your spare wheel out in case of emergency?

  4. Got the same vehicle with a sundown x12 but just ordered a 15” sundown nsv4. Will have videos of that setup in the next month.

  5. Maybe to late but you can bypass the pcm controlled and get a constant 14v with head lights off.

  6. Beautiful build! I bet that sound is amazing in person!

    “Poor old car” that 15 is a monster!!!

  7. Yo, I heard on 9th gen accords the ELD won’t actually let a HO alt produce enough Amps to be useful. I hear you actually need to bypass this somehow. Is this true? Or can u buy a HO alt and it fuel my system just fine? Did you make any mods in this aspect?

  8. Me puedes explicar cómo fue que resolviste el problema del alternador orijinal solo eleva el voltaje al detectar consumo en el sistema de fabrica tengo un Accord con un sistema de audio algo robusto y no puedo solucionar eso, sería de gran ayuda gracias

  9. Honda are a pain to add after market sound systems because of the active noise cancellation system.

  10. What are the exact dimensions of that box? Trying to fit a zv5 15 into a '15 accord coupe and having a hell of a time making a box fit without firing up

  11. I’m doing the same thing with a sun down 4K amp and 2 I series 10 inch subs with a kicker 4 Chan amp for my hertz highs and mids . Any advice?

  12. Is this same accord now white with red interior?? I've seen an accord with that same dragon ball theme background and divine sticker.

  13. Let me ask you a question. I have a 2015 Honda accord and I have 2 ten inch compC in the trunk pushing it is a 600.1 mono block . The question is every time I start up the car I get a loud thump out of the subwoofers then I open the doors and it stops. How can i fix this problem?

  14. Where did you get the alternator for your car I have a 2014 and I'm putting 3 15 in my car building a wall taking out the back seat

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