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How do Electric Transmission Lines Work? | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?? Are you looking to see what does high voltage mean? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work? | List of the Best Power Tools.

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How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?
How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

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Discussing some of the fascinating engineering that goes into overhead electric power transmission lines.

In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. As power plants grew larger and further away from populated areas, the need for ways to efficiently move electricity over long distances has become more and more important. Stringing power lines across the landscape to connect cities to power plants may seem as simple as connecting an extension cord to an outlet, but the engineering behind these electric superhighways is more complicated and fascinating than you might think.


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  1. Edison's DC system was 19th century. Tesla developed Impedance matching for transmission.
    Electrical power losses are all in the current flow so it is minimized by maximizing the voltage.
    The towers in my neighborhood carry 550 kilovolt and each line can carry 500 amps they are arranged in bundles of four.

  2. It makes me smile to hear your wife's cheesy flirting at the end. We need more happy couples in the public eye.

  3. I went to a friends house on a farm with nearby transmission lines about 150ft above the ground and I could hear the high voltage. I loved it!

  4. Great video. A video about HVDC would be appreciated. I wonder how to design it if a stretch of sea cable is included since sea cables aren't capable of the voltage overhead lines have.

  5. I was hoping to hear about the values that run through the transmission lines such as how much voltage are we looking at? How much voltage is going into an industrial manufacturing facility?

  6. 😔 I'm hooked on these damn videos. I just can't help learning a little about a wide variety of things.

  7. An engineering analysis of the entire HelloFresh supply chain would be an interesting topic. Upon first glance the volume and mass of packaging per unit mass of food looks extravagant.

    I’m curious about the energy requirements to transport the food in the HelloFresh supply and delivery chains, the carbon footprint of the HelloFresh food preparation centre, the food waste/composting stream from that place. I’ve only just scratched the surface on the possible factors to analyze.

    HelloFresh looks convenient, yes. In modern lingo, would it be considered sustainable — however one could measure that?

    Rain on your parade? Maybe a bit. I’d love to seen you sharpen your pencil and tackle this topic as well.

    Thanks for your good work. You have a satisfied fan base — and that is as it should be. Your videos are top-notch. Good luck.

  8. As I understand, current is directly proportional to voltage, if increase voltage more current will flow, can u pls correct my concept

  9. Excellent – we often demonstrate power lines to 'high school' pupils (GCSE, A Level) with a demo like yours. For safety we step up from 12V AC (and 'try' to demo it with DC to get them thinking!). Positioning of a mains lamp gets them to realise how dangerously high the stepped up voltage is! https://youtu.be/YP67LCzv-Ko This is a link to what we do!

  10. 2:46 True if by power you meant instantaneous power. Also true if by power you meant active power, and if voltage and current are sinusoidal and in phase. Not true if by power you meant active power, and voltage and current are sinusoidal but not in phase.

  11. This is no biggie, but just curious if there was a reason you said 9 discs approximately equals 138 kV rather than 135kV?

  12. I don’t think I have heard a better more concise explanation of current and voltage, well done ;)

  13. You've said that electricity producers do not get compensated for the power lost in transit, but I don't think that's true. They can include the cost of losses, just like any other operational cost, into the billing rate.

  14. Power out is equal to the power in. The induction motor is the workhorse of the industry. You don't get something for nothing. GT 1976

  15. At 3:30 u write the ohm's law V=I*R and u said that if we want to reduce the current u have to increase the voltage how even that is possible in the formula if u increase the voltage the current should also increase

  16. I hope you have a video explaining DC transmission systems where HV-DC is converted to AC at the receiving end.

  17. An good complement of this video would be the growing (albeit slowly) Direct Current transmission lines and how they work.

  18. "don't try this at home" haha. me thinking of trying because i wanna start my own electricity company

  19. Practical Engineering,
    there are some technical aspects of generation that is not well known at all and I think a video on this subject(s) would enlighten a lot of peoples perception of that 'simple' source of power.

    The affects of synchronous and non synchronous forms of generation on a grid, the adverse effect of embedded low voltage generation on the distribution net work and how it affects grid control?
    Real and imaginary power, and an explanation of power factor and it's effect at grid level.

  20. At 3.30 you said V=IR and reducing I needs V to increase based on Ohm's law V=IR. I think it is incorrect. We should use P=VI where P is constant.

  21. Pls you said the cable at the top of the transmission tower which does not carry power fight against lighting. I want to know the lighting you are taking about

  22. I always wondered if at least one of the wires was actually an antenna for some seriously extremely low frequency for international communications.

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