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How To Become a Mechanic With No Experience Or School: Plus, The Secret Tool Mechanics Use. | Best hand tools

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How To Become a Mechanic With No Experience Or School: Plus, The Secret Tool Mechanics Use. | List of best hand tools for you.

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How To Become a Mechanic With No Experience Or School: Plus, The Secret Tool Mechanics Use.
How To Become a Mechanic With No Experience Or School: Plus, The Secret Tool Mechanics Use.

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Learn the alternative method to become a mechanic when you have no work experience or schooling. In this video you’ll learn that if you don’t have experience, you can create the experience you need for yourself. Once you’ve done these 3 things mentioned in this video, you’ll be ready to approach any employer and share your story. These methods will have employers interested in you almost instantaneously.

Just to note, using this approach may not land you into dealerships immediately, but your chances of getting into lube shops is almost assured knowing these things. This route will save you money on tuition and you build your skills while working entry level jobs. Then you can move up slowly to enter dealerships while building your resume.


02:01 Tip #1 to becoming a mechanic.
02:44 Tip# 2 to becoming a mechanic.
03:08 Tip #3 to becoming a mechanic.
03:30 How to apply these 3 tips to get a job.


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  1. Hey man I’m still young but I love cars and I love looking at cars and touching cars this video helps me when I get a job I’m putting these tips

  2. Quick lube shops work fast, the engine oil is at full operating temp (~195*F)(which can deepfry any part of you that it happens to splash on …all day long; car after car after car) and if you ever forget to reinstall a drain plug it can cost the shop several hundred to several thousand dollars. You would be let go. It's not a walk in the park and it's not a very high paying job either. Brake work is hazardous as you would be breathing asbestos all day, every day until you were able to get a better job. The liability is very high in brake work. If the mechanic messes up on a brake job and causes an injury accident or worse there could be a stiff penalty including fine and/or imprisonment (yes, that includes the mechanic too). You really HAVE to know what you are doing. That's why it's best to put yourself through a two year technical automotive repair course at a technical college or "vo-tech" (if they still exist). Two of the three that I attended changed from the latter to the former because colleges are more expensive and bring more profit for it's owners. Just the way it is these days. Long gone are the days of the shade tree mechanic being able to fix a modern vehicle correctly and it's getting to where technology is advancing so rapidly that mechanics may need to return to school or somehow upgrade their knowledge on an ongoing basis. We've got several different fuel types to learn as well as hybrid and now full electric. There's planes trains and automobiles that all need a mechanic's care and my last time through college in 2006, they told us that there was a 60,000 mechanic shortage nation-wide and it was forecasted to get worse. The way I see it, that fact doesn't make it easier to get into the business without the necessary education, but rather puts more work on the ones who are qualified, capable and willing to do the work. I think this is why you see the advanced mechanics making higher than average wages. It's technical, demanding and sometimes and in some ways dangerous work. Please guys and gals who have a love for working on cars; go to school and pay your dues, ask questions and take good notes. It's the only way to do it right. The lectures are rapid-fire and they don't have a lot of time to dial-in everyone's understanding in class. If you just aren't understanding something after asking for a re-cap, catch the instructor during lab if he ever has a spare moment. God's blessings and go get'em!

  3. I just wanna know mechanism thats all and it looks simple what ill learn will be some software engineering

  4. 🇮🇷👏👏👏👏👏🌹👏👏👏👏🌹👏🌹👏🌹👏👏👏🌹👏🌹👏🌹👏🌹👏🌹🤠👍

  5. Thank you , I've only discovered my love for vehicles and engines last year. Now I'm starting where most people start when they're in their teens. So I have to work harder and teach myself ALOT but this video helped thank you

  6. Can you go to mechanic schooling without knowing anything about cars and stuff like going on blind

  7. Is 23 too old to get into the industry? I also have no mechanical history or background.

  8. I think the first thing of wanting to be a mechanic with no experience is to make sure thats what you want to be for sure.
    Cause fooling around with other peoples property is not good at all when you have no experience. You gotta first keep that in mind. There's a real quote that says,
    " to know and not to do , is not to know.
    So hands on experience on your own car is the best way to start learning a few basics. I my self personaly built my own empire…sorta speak, I started being a mechanic at the age of 11. My first fix was a starter on my uncles 73 corvette. Suprisingly the year i was born. But yea that was fun.😉 handling a big starter at the age of 11. But those were the dayz,
    The dayz i fell in love with being a top mechanic. I worked alot and gain my experience from fixing my own cars and other peoples cars as time went on, cause i had already learned pretty much by age 18. As years went by i never step foot inside a shop or worked inside one.
    I,ve always did my own work, had and made new customers doing side jobs that they even told me to open up a shop because im so damn good at it. But in reality life happens and today i have no regrets of NOT owning my own shop. I still do my own work i am my own boss and i work on just about anything including hybrids…ive learned electrical diagnostics and tuning you name it. And i did it all by learning on my own and with a good push from my uncle…Thanx Unc! R.I.P.
    Experience from any type of car repair counts, down to the smallest of
    details. Its not about schooling or classes that hold you back from learning more. When you create your own experience you correct your own mistakes, mistakes is the key to being a better mechanic. In other words building experience also comes with mistakes. Just make sure the mistakes are not made to someone elses property. …which is the first rule of being a mechanic…if it ain't broke, dont fix it, if you cant do the job… Dont try do it. 💯leave it to some one who can.

  9. The best way to start getting more experience is to advertise on craigslist services and facebook marketplace. Mainly craigslist. That's how I started and I'm doing ok.

  10. So change someone’s oil and brakes and get hired??🤨😂😂

    I want to become a mechanic I was applying for Lincoln tech but that 💩 expensive ,someone recommends me to go to a community college but I ain’t sure if I should or not :(

  11. Another thing to consider. The pay often sucks, but apply for a job at a quick lube. Work there for 6 months to a year. Most of them don't require any experience and have relatively high turnaround. Plus you usually don't need to have your own tools which can be a big expense for a starting mechanic. This can help get your foot in the door of the industry.

  12. what if i got no expierence with cars and I'm failing hs but i wanna live my life as a simple mechanic

  13. Thankyou Sir I replaced flat tire and change engine oil of my neighbours car lots of regards all the way from India

  14. There’s also YouTube videos on how to do it so you don’t have to fear those small tasks

  15. This dude is spot on, if you have the aptitude for it then you'll be fine most everyday car repairs are simple as he says oil and brakes are a garages bread and butter.

  16. I'll like to become an automotive like You, mentally, fiscally, financially, and also training peoples like U deed as well. Please take me On

  17. I'm 15 years, I want to become a mechanic 👨‍🔧👨‍🏭🔧🛠️⚙️🔩.
    I wach allot of car rapair videos. Thanks for the video. It helps.
    Ill trai to repair my dads car 😉👍.

  18. Sorry bro but this was painstaking to listen to. Up the enthusiasm and you’d quadruple your views

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