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How to Buff and Wax a Boat | Latest information about hand tools

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How to Buff and Wax a Boat | Latest information about hand tools.

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How to Buff and Wax a Boat
How to Buff and Wax a Boat

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Trevor demonstrates how to properly buff and wax a boat on a heavily oxidized 52′ Sea Ray with colored hullsides. ..

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  1. Great video!

    On my 340 Sundancer, I took off the decals from the previous owner and can also see where decals were from the original owner before that. Should I wet sand or not? It’s been buffed and waxed before and can still see it.

  2. The best buffer ever made is Black & Decker Automotive Heavy Duty Type 2 2300 RPM. No direct sun. No Velcro pad. As you can see the uneven cut/ polish from the velcro pad.

  3. How did you prepare the boat before buffing? Did you wash it with soap? I’ve heard toilet bowl cleaner works great.

  4. Lol. I married a clean freak wife. I recommend one of them to all boaters. Supply them with the tools and sit back with a cool one and watch the magic happen.

  5. Compounds :
    – Reel Shine (NOW CALLED STARKE) – Restructure (Step 1)
    – Menzerna Medium Cut (Step 2)
    – Menzerna Super Finish 3500 (Fine Compound) (Step 3)
    – Meguires Flagship Premium Marine Wax (Step 4)
    Dewalt Buffer – Dw849
    Makita Buffer – BO6050J (newer model)
    Wool Compounding Pad
    Shurehold Wax Pad (Used with Makita Buffer (wiggle mode) and Meguires Flagship)
    3M ultra fine foam polishing pad 05733 (Use with Dewalt Buffer and Menzerna Super Finish)

    Good Luck !!!

    Hope I was able to help save you some time searching for all of this.

    After I was done with mine, it was beautiful. Couldn't believe the difference.

    As an Amazon Associate I earn a small bit from qualifying purchases, you pay the same as always. Not a penny more.

  6. this guy seems way too enthusiastic about this loool. i have to do this every year for my bosses boat and it sucks

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