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How to Build a Home First Aid Kit | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject How to Build a Home First Aid Kit? Are you looking to see survival first aid kit checklist? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Build a Home First Aid Kit | List of best hand tools for you.

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How to Build a Home First Aid Kit
How to Build a Home First Aid Kit

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Everyone should have a home first aid kit that is capable of saving a life and treating minor trauma. In this DIY tutorial I will teach you how to put together your own kit based on my own philosophy. A list of every Item mentioned in the video can be found below.

Instagram: @Prep_Medic (

Core Items (the Items that every kit should contain): Tourniquet, z-fold gauze, compression bandage, chest seal, NPA, CPR mask/BVM, PPE.

Home kit specific items: Roller gauze, SAM splint, abd trauma dressing, flush, eye shield, triangular bandages, tape, trauma shears.

Minor wound items: Band-Aids, Tampons, Tweezers.

Medications: Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, Benadryl, Tums, triple antibiotic ointment, prescribed emergency medications. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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survival first aid kit checklist

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  1. Can you make a video about what instrumets/machines it is usefull to have at home med kit? Like tonometer, thermometer, glukometer, oximeter that sort of thing, what small but usefull thing to have at home that can help not in case of trauma but in sicness and maybe help in remote location with a telephone consultation from a doctor.

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  4. Important things to add are non-adherent pads or island dressings to cover superficial wounds too large for band-aids. Also an elastic compression bandage (e.g. ACE Bandage) for sprains and strains.
    Sterile splinter probe needles are also a good idea to remove embedded splinters that can't be grasped with tweezers.

  5. RAT'S tourniquet are good for children and people with small body limbs and also on pets such as dogs. I carry a RAT on me at all times. No worries, i also have the CAT tourniquet in my trauma bag and I also include a SOFT tourniquet to be used in conjunction with hard objects as a junctional tourniquet.

  6. Everyone posts kits and supplies. What do you recommend for resource/ training on first aid. Like reading and refresher. I'd like to have something on hand but am not finding people recommending that. Really appreciate this channel!

  7. Could you make your own compression dressing with sterile gauze, roller gauze, and cohesive bandage to hold the whole thing nice and tight? Just looking for something that will work efficiently while keeping the kit compact and versatile.

  8. • Stethoscope
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Blood pressure cuff
    Being able to check some of your own vitals is nice. I don't want to pay out an absurd amount of money just to get my blood pressure checked.
    • I found some stainless steel hemostats and bandage scissors in the vet section of CAL ranch if you want a few instruments of that kind. Of course there are plenty of other places to find those. I also like simple Swiss Army knives in first aid kits just because the blades, scissors and tweezers can be very useful, and they all have tiny holes behind the screwdrivers for stainless pins.
    • Colloidal silver gel like Sovereign Silver if you’re not a fan of antibiotic ointment. It also doesn't expire, unlike antibiotic ointment but it is antibacterial. I actually like to use 3mL syringes to store it in my car kit.
    • Lavender, clove bud and peppermint essential oils can also be very useful. Essential oils is another subject altogether, and unfortunately the way essential oils are generally portrayed by their more common hippie dippy users makes it easy to discredit them, however, they do have legitimate uses with legitimate science behind them like any medicine. And like any medicine they do have restrictions and cautions. Just make sure to do your research from a knowledgeable source and not some homely mom's blog on how to make your home smell nice.
    I've used lavender in conjunction with witch hazel like a facial cleanser to treat sunburns frequently and it's been very effective with minimal to no peeling. Lavender can also be very useful for cuts (I don't just use it on any minor cut) and more serious burns and this is something that it's known for. Be aware, even though it is classified as an oil, it absorbs into the skin and is much lower viscosity than cooking oils, so it won't sit on top and trap the burn, so it is safe for this purpose. Peppermint can be used to ease nausea and help with stomach issues by sniffing it. I've taken it on hikes to help with altitude sickness and used it for gas and nausea in the middle of the night. Clove bud is used commonly in dentist offices as part of a topical anesthetic prior to shots and is very useful for dealing with a toothache prior to a dental visit. It's also very useful for numbing the area prior to cutting an ingrown toenail, speaking from experience.
    Make sure to buy from a good brand. Some name brands more commonly advertised are more expensive and they're not necessary compared to some that you can find at a health food store. Don’t buy essential oils from Walmart. If they all cost the same cheap price they’re garbage. Valerie Ann Worwood has a good book on the subject that gets into the properties and uses, but these few Oils are some of the most common, generally least expensive, and you don't have to get too invested in the subject to use them. They have some other uses as well, but they’re more outside the first aid realm.

  9. Thanks, I am building up my own home first aid station at home. You have given me ideas in what to get.

  10. I have a first aid bag in my truck is it legal for me to apply a tourniquet to someone in need without being an emt

  11. Konten yang sangat bermanfaat. mampir balik ke link saya, yah. Sharing ilmu First Aid Kit…..

    Sebeleum melakukan tindakan PP alangkah lebih baiknya mempersiapkan terlebih dahulu Alat Pertolongan Pertamanya (PP Kit / First Aid Kit)
    Apa saja isinya, yuk tonton videonya sampai habis, jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE nya, yah

  12. What do I have? Nothing beside a ready to buy first aid kit in a car 😅 that set is just a overkill.

  13. Its sad that I have to have my antibiotics mailed to me from the middle east because they're stupid expensive and inaccessible in the great US of A…

  14. Great video. Would add magnifying glass with the tweezers in house kit. Us old people need some help with splinters. Oh and cheap anti septic cleaning pads.

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