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How to Choose a Survival Knife | Best garden tools

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How to Choose a Survival Knife | List of best hand tools for you.

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How to Choose a Survival Knife
How to Choose a Survival Knife

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In this episode, we run through many of the different knives in our collection that include both survival and bushcraft knives. We give you situations associated with certain styles and lengths and hopefully give you some insight for which to choose if you are in the market for one! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I would never consider a toy steel (stainless steel) in a survival knife. It will break and chip. Its only purpose is for small pocket folders and for those who collect knives. A bushcraft/survival knife should be made of some tool steel, like A2, CPM 3V, 5160 or 1060. The steels like that do rust but they are much tougher than collectible knife steels that you can break on a tin can (like S30V, M390, etc.)! The last thing I would care for is if my knife can have some rust stains in a survival situation or when doing heavy chores with it. But if its blade chips easily or the whole knife breaks into pieces, that's kinda a catastrophe for a survival situation!!! So all these knife collector steels are to be eliminated: D2, 440C, 154 CM, VG10, Aus 8, S30V, S35VN, Elmax, CPM20V, 1095, etc. They are just too brittle. That said, the 35VN, Aus8 and Elmax are slightly less brittle steels but are far weaker the real tools steels. The nastiest thing of all is to have some very brittle steel knife (like S30V, 154CM, CPM20V or M390) because it will break pretty fast. And I would rather have a 6-7'' fixed blade in a survival situation than a small 4'' blade that I carry as an EDC folder. The rest is all just fluff. Of course stainless steels also have a lot of applications, like cutlery (you don't want knives, forks or spoons to rust) and a wide use in machine parts. It's just that survival knives are not where you would want stainless steels, not even the toughest of them (Aus 8, Elmax, S35VN) let alone such brittle steels like S30V or CPM20V.

  2. Esse 4 S35VN and Hults Bruk Almike Hatchet is my system. I'd rather have 4" blade paired with Hatchet vs 1 large blade .

  3. Esee 6, Tops Silent Hero, and Tops Brakimo are great all around knives! Winter time I carry 6" blades! Summer probably 4" to 5" blades! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ontario Rat 7 is my great allround go-to. My esee 5 (with esee altoid kit, external firestel in esee sheath- pouch ) stays stowed in car, though I practice with it often. as always, great discussion here.

  5. Ok best one is one you can count on
    Get a 440c steel blade under 6 inch
    Wont rust chip brake on you like some the big names knife tops thome new out the box 1095 steel
    8 hit in a chop test snaped in haft 440c bend first

  6. My edc is also my camping knife my bushcraft knife and my survival knife and thats the condor otzi neck knife its such an amazing little knife

  7. At present am a beginner, learning about knives. Watched your channel and enjoyed listening. Nice collection. Thank you.

  8. 6 years later..
    Have a bunch of Esee's, good beaters/loaners.
    Wont give Survive a dime, ever.
    I dont care much for 3v, pita to sharpen and not a great edge holder to begin with, would really rather have a 1095 Esee.. tougher, doesnt keep up w/ 3v for retention but 1095 is sooo much easier to field sharpen (repeatedly).
    I really like elmax, holds an fine razor edge a very long time, easy to sharpen, tough enough… my favorite all-around knife is the Bradford 5.5 in elmax.
    "Bushcraft", my pick is the Enzo Trapper in elmax, it hogs out wood better than any other I own. A more robust can-do-all option is the Tops BOB, it really does work in every possible situation.
    ps.. Hunt down a First Edge 5050 elmax for a top notch urban survival/get home blade, their 5150 is a excellent combat option, both are second to none.

  9. Still like the becker bk2 ,the jordan is nice an ontario esse etc. But couldn't agree more with multi knives, knives are like shoes ,work boot ,cross trainer , hiking,bowling or golf shoes …fishing knife is awesome for fishing but wouldn't be my go to for skinning an God forbid if I had to depend on it to chop or split wood ,… Anyway great video love selections

  10. I just bought a knife from hobby hut it was cheap and had the blade shape I like got a visa gift card for Christmas so I figured why not try them out for that price

  11. I consider those knives that you show are for aficionados unless the purpose is to stab people or animals. A stabbing feature is the least use of a knife slicing, scraping and splitting are my requirements for survival knife not the stabbing feature.
    I would have daily use of a pruning saw and box cutter than for the type of knife you show. Or a box cutter and a a wood planer blade or a one inch wood chisel

  12. These are the videos that encouraged me to join your channel. The latest Videos of you encouraging violence in the US have been really disappointing.

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