How to clean your car’s carpet | List of best cleaning accessories

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How to clean your car’s carpet | List of best cleaning accessories.

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How to clean your car’s carpet

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– Detail King’s Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo is ideal to use to scrub heavily soiled areas before extracting & can also be used for brush scrubbing & shampooing if extracting is not needed ..

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  1. Dilute the solution in a spray bottle with distilled water to get even dispersement of your stain-lifting detergent. Follow up with hot water extractor to be done in less than a minute and charge your customer $50. Do the entire car for $200, include cloth seats if applicable & charge more.

  2. This is to time consuming. Also a horrible product. I would have had the carpet cleaned better than the end results the first go. 😂 I cleaned a clients carpets that haven't been touched in over 2 years and had them looking fairly new. Anyone who would like to see such and would like advice on what to use and how look me up on fb. Also, scrubbing the lifted dirt/more back into the carpet is what took so long. Never scrub. Always spray agitate and vaccum!

  3. The after shot side by side picture shows a big difference actually. Dont know why all the hate….unless off camera they used another type of cleaning solution because the demonstration in the video did jack shit pretty much lol

  4. Literally carpet does not get cleaner throughout the video then cuts off at the end to do a before and after!! Useless

  5. the footwell area looks just as dirty if not worse than how it was before the clean?? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  6. fuck me no wonder cancer is on the rise! what's wrong with a bit of hot soapy water, a steam cleaner and a wet and dry hoover??? All this smelly chemical shit in your car that you sit in for hours each day, it all takes it' toll on your immune system!

  7. Most of the products form Detail King ive found to be decent and work as described with the exception of this one and pearl gloss those are the worse two products in their lineup im my opinion

  8. Do not use this method on any carpets from nissan, you will tear chunks out if the fiber carpet and leave massive bald patches

  9. That did nothing but provide too much work. Use a hot water extractor. Have to sell your product though.

  10. Man, I don’t know if I would have put this specific video up. Maybe the carpet is too far gone but there’s no substantial difference in look for this to work as a product endorsement.

  11. I would never let you do my carpets without an extractor… you’re just rubbing the dirt deeper into the carpet lol

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