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How to connect TV to audio Amp, stereo tube amplifier setup | Newly updated handsets

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How to connect TV to audio Amp, stereo tube amplifier setup | List of best hand tools for you.

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How to connect TV to audio Amp, stereo tube amplifier setup
How to connect TV to audio Amp, stereo tube amplifier setup

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How to connect TV to audio amp this install is easy, i connected all my devices to my TV then connected audio cable from TV’s output to amp input. find stereo Tube amps here- check out preamp tube sound samples here-
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  1. How do I connect fx- tube amp to yamaha receiver, where do i connect the audio input and audio output rca cables to. On receiver, I'm new to the audiophile world

  2. How do i know what tubes are the best for this Amp?? What is the difference of tubes?? For Techno and big speakers! Thank you !

  3. Just a random question. Is it possible to connect my digital audio player to a tube amp via USB to RCA cable? Will it affect the sound? Will it damage my audio player?

  4. hi in Canada we have 6n1 and 6p1 5.99 Canadian dollars which is $4.50 us per tube chinnese tube shang gun

  5. Connect 1amp per speaker ( amp for left spkr/ amp for rght spkr ) Would sound/pwr be stronger? Would it be considered as a Monoblock amp? ( Speaking in terms of cheap Tube amps on amzn/ebay ) My JBL 4311's require pwr to turnover.

  6. I have a Toshiba model 32e200u that only has an optical digital audio out. I'm thinking seriously about pulling back off and tying in to speaker wires directly, doable?

  7. Touching the tubes and the oil on your fingers will not harm your tubes in any way. Its a myth.

  8. I have a Sony STR DH-540 Home system and have no luck on where to get the speaker terminal module for the receiver now that I removed from circuit board.

  9. Tampatec, are the tubes definitely in the circuit? There is a similar tube amp reviewed on Amazon, in one of the reviews, someone traced the wires and found that the heaters of the tubes were connected (so that they would glow), but the actual amplification was being done by a little solid state amp hidden in the base. IE: the tubes were just for show. Is this amp real?

  10. I have an off topic question per another one of your videos. lighting killed all my media stuff. got my TV working from your videos ( thanks btw) now I need to fix my receiver. can I use an esr meter to test small film caps? I only see people testing the big can caps. do the small caps have to be taken out if circuit and tested with a capacitance meter? 0.01 uF caps.

  11. Hi Paul can you help? :) I’m looking for a cheap solution to play a wav file automatically when powered on. I want to use IFTTT so when my motion sensor triggers, an outlet is turned on. That part is easy and done. When the outlet is turned on I want a sound of a dog barking. I’m doing an IFTTT security video. I will put the motion sensor by the window. When motion is detected I want dogs to bark.

  12. Tampatec, great video, reminds me of the old crystal radios with the valves my dad had in the 60s and 70s.

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