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How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw – ultimate handyman DIY tips | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw – ultimate handyman DIY tips? Are you looking to see how to cut a screw? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw – ultimate handyman DIY tips | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw - ultimate handyman DIY tips
How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw – ultimate handyman DIY tips

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How to cut an electrical screw or machine screw using a pair of electricians pliers. Cutting metric screws this way means that the thread is not damaged and so there is no making good of the thread after cutting. Brought to you by ..

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  1. This is crazy – I've had these wipe strippers for years and never knew this, I thought those holes were wire-length cutters, which I've done in the past. I'm currently cleaning up a car ECU and the four screws need replacing, of which I have only oversized ones….which I have now cut because of this video. Fantastic, thank you. I feel you deserve an Oscar or Noble Peace Prize or something.

  2. Incredible, thank you so much! When I do this, the end of the bolt becomes very, very slightly bent—enough to make it difficult to use. Any advice?

  3. Thank you. I bought 75mm which I was struggling to cut with an hacksaw you've made my life much easier

  4. Hello
    This is brilliant, I have lost a headless screw. (should have finished the job I started – procrastinating Queen!) Can't find a replacement anywhere, but cutting the head off an existing screw would work, one big problem I can't find that tool anywhere, any suggestions, please?
    Ann B

  5. Just like many of the other commenters, I had no idea those holes were threaded!

    My switch cover screws were too long, and I struggled to figure out how to shorten them slightly. Turns out I had the tool in my hand the whole time! Thanks.

  6. Hy, I'm a avid follower of your videos as they are the best and most understandable.
    Any chance at all that you could make two videos for me. ( I know I'm cheeky and monopolising your time) I'm after a video that clearly shows how to attach shelves into a van and what fixings and where to and NOT to attach to such as electric wires and fuel tank.
    Secondly ( sorry ha) a basic video on installing LED lights. I know you r busy but any help would be FANTASTIC.
    Scott from Wirral

  7. I have this tool but never knew it cuts thing like that :)….but just in my thought i dont think it can cut anything because china made it…u know what i meant

  8. Brilliant. Easy when you know how. I always look at YouTube first to find out how to do things. Saved me a journey to B&Q

  9. How did I manage before youtube? Saved me a trip to the store, and I learned something a well. Thank you!

  10. Excellent. Thank you much for this information. It's hard to believe that there are other videos out there recommending you hold the screw in a pliers and cut it with a hacksaw. This makes me value the tools my grandfather gave me even more — including the tool you used here.

  11. Thanks for the tip. Speaking of tips, I nearly chopped off the tip of my finger using these pliers. Word to the wise, exercise caution :-)

  12. thank you SO MUCH for showing me how to do this! i was outside on a ladder trying to figure out how to cut the screws shorter on an exterior led light fixture. all the insides were wired and heat shrink wrapped…but nothing ever goes easily in my DIY challenged world! tried screwing on both caps, but i knew this 2" length not only looked dorky…it was also not going to work. went into my garage brought out a ton of random nut sizes trying to get this light stable….zero, less than zero success. i even took out this "handy plastic reference measuring tool" to determine what the size & thread type were since neither the packaging, nor the instruction manuals listed the sizes of anything! errrrrr! again, useless. halloween kids were yelling "trick or treat," all animals were reminding me that it was their dinner time (dogs, pig, cat, etc.). up and down this ladder, to and from the garage, and even though i was using the same type of tool you demonstrate…it never came with instructions on what each thing does. since i was already on the ladder struggling with this light, i thought….ahhhhh it does have those holes for cutting screws, so why not try it….(try it my lazy frustrated way…cutting the screw while it was sticking out of the lamp on either side. just struggling to get it to fit in one of the various sized holes was a major pain! because as i found one that may work, i couldn't coordinate the cutting.) it was already dark (and darker because i switched the circuit off to complete this project), then it started raining and i said, "f@ck this. wondered how the heck i was going to tackle this mess. i even looked on amazon.com for a bolt cutter! endless thanks to you!!

  13. always wondered what those holes were for, and today I find out, when I needed to, who needs google web search, when you got google youtube search,  thanks!

  14. I actually have that tool, and had no idea it would trim screws. I'm always looking for shorties to fit bicycle fenders without reaching the tire. 

  15. Seems I have a lo of tools I don't know how to use properly:-) Props for the tip and thanks for the series. subscribed.

  16. Thank you.
    I have had several of this tools but have never even thought that they can cut screws so i have been doing it the hard way with angle grinders or hack saws, always with pretty bad results and then trying to make the end good again by grinding it on a grinding wheel.

    This will save me a ton of frustration! Thanks again.

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