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How To Deep Clean Your Grout + Bissell Crosswave Review | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject How To Deep Clean Your Grout + Bissell Crosswave Review? Are you looking to see grout cleaner machine? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To Deep Clean Your Grout + Bissell Crosswave Review | Review best products for household.

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How To Deep Clean Your Grout + Bissell Crosswave Review
How To Deep Clean Your Grout + Bissell Crosswave Review

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What do you get when my intentions don’t dovetail with your expectations? Another video! A few people found my last video on tile cleaning to be a bit disappointing because they thought it was about deep cleaning grout. Well it wasn’t. So I made this video to cover that aspect of cleaning tile and grout. And while I was at it I answered a few of questions that kept coming up in the comments of that video and just for the hell of it I bought, tested and review the Bissell Crosswave.

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00:00 Introduction
00:037 What Is That Machine I’m Using?
01:47 What Do I Think About Steam Mops?
02:16 Extractors
02:31 The Bissell Crosswave
02:45 Bissell Crosswave Unboxing
03:40 The 5 Elements of Cleaning Anything – W.A.T.C.H.
05:18 Cleaning Tile & Grout with The Bissell Crosswave
09:56 My Thoughts About The Bissell Crosswave
10:52 Where The Bissell Crosswave Falls Short
11:55 How I Would Use The Bissell Crosswave to Clean My Tile & Grout
12:36 A Warning About Using Tile Cleaners
12:46 A Tip About Sealing Your Grout
13:15 Disclaimer About Using The Bissell Crosswave NOT According to the Manufacturers
13:34 Wrap-Up
14:04 End Card

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  1. When buying vacuums, they never list the most important number. The CFM. Cubic feet of airflow per minute. You have to call customer service of your plastic non- commercial model and hopefully get the right person otherwise they "don't know" or tell you some form of rebuttal… but the data IS absolutely available. If you have a hoover that pulls 30 CFM that is not as much suction as let's say a clunky kirby that pulls around 134 CFM that will pull all dirt, sand, dead skin, pollen and mites out from the carpet pad level and prevent dirt from sifting its way down over time and always smelling, no matter how clean the surface seems. Replacing carpet is proof of how much dirt a machine never pulled up. A higher cfm leaves little under even the oldest carpet. For the love of God, amps, watts or volts ARE NOT suction power. And if a steam cleaner has lower cfm it won't be able to pull that water up as quickly as well. So I'm looking for a steam tile cleaner that is engineered to power push THE least amount of water at a higher velocity and rip it back up at the highest CFM rate! Please advise!!! ❤

  2. You have so much expertise. I can see how you could set up a cleaning academy online and people could find trained cleaners through you around the world.

  3. I clean grout with a Oreck orbiter and extractor; you don't need a 75,000 dollar machine to clean tile, peroxide works very well as a solution.

  4. Thanks for this information. I would not buy this now. I had planned to. Now I will not waste my money. 👍

  5. I have a Bissell Crosswave and I'm taking it to the good will next week! I bought it so I didn't have to sweep and then mop. I thought it would do both sweep and mop at the same time but all it does is get the dirt and dust that's on your floor wet, then it deposits it back onto your floor in tiny little clumps. It's a piece of crap! Certainly not worth 200+ dollars. I do not recommend this for any type of cleaning. Can you tell I'm a little disappointed? lol

  6. I was crazy enough to listen to a tile store that putting 4×4 natural marble tiles on my shower floor would be great. NOT! My tiles keep staining and so does the grout. I’ve got well water with a whole house filter system and softener. Still stains. Ready to rip out the shower and start over. Did you say epoxy grout would be good for a shower?

  7. Is there any way to get dirty grout on a marble floor really clean since I can’t use an acid?

  8. What about a steam cleaner coupled with a Bissell spot clean pro with just got water in it to flush and extract the dirty water?
    Spray with cleaner, scrub and steam with brush end on extractor, then flush and extract withe the Bissell spot clean pro?
    I have all these things

  9. I use toilet bowl bleach cling gel & my Hommit brand electric scrubber. I rinse with hot water & sponges by hand (I save all my old sponges for this because I may go through 8-10 for rinsing).

    This is just for a grout deep cleaning but man it’s effective. Sure I bend over to wipe all the grout with hot water sponges but the scrubbing is done for me ($99 & changed my life cleaning the bathtub/shower)!

  10. All you need is white vinegar. It will turn dirty grout pure white in under one hour with no scrubbing. Just pour it on. It kills weeds too.

  11. By the way thank you for these videos they great 👍 also I really like it that you don’t ask for subscribing and thumbs up 👏👏👏you get my two thumbs up

  12. Thanks for sharing, very informative, I wanted to buy a steam mop floor. But after this video, I don't think so. Thanks again. 😊

  13. Hi, I just watched another tile cleaning video and he said do NOT use Acidic cleaners because it strips away at the grout. Degrading it. What are your thoughts on that?

  14. I have one of these and I don't really like it that much. The floor never comes as clean as I want unless I go over it with the steam mop after using the Crosswave. And it gets gunked up and spreads stinky dirty water all around if you don't change out the brush for a fresh one and wash out the tank all the time. It only comes with one brush, but I bought an extra one so I could change it quickly without having to wash it right away if I don't feel like it. I only like it for cleaning my bathroom because it's a small space, but it's kind of a waste in the kitchen, unless there's something like wet muddy footprints or the dog peed or something. It's convenient for messes like that, where there is loose liquid on the floor. But at this point, I basically just use it for pre vacuuming before I get out the steam mop. If I had it to do over again, I'd just get a steam mop that has a vacuum in it. The steam mop cleans a lot better because of the heat.

  15. I use really HOT water and I let it sit in that grout for 30 seconds turning water on and off. That's been a huge help with my grout. But prespraying is a great idea. This machine has taken me less scrub time big time

  16. I use a paste with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent to clean the grout. It works really well.

  17. I tell folks don't waste time trying to clean tiles. Get the professional. Saves time and $

  18. What about renting this from Home Depot? I can't afford to pay someone to professional clean my grout and tile. Looking for a nilfisk advance hard floor cleaner review

  19. Ugh! Grout is a 4 letter word in my house. Thank you we appreciate you taking time to make this video! Question: a tile guy that gave me a bid to clean my tile said he also offered a service ($600) to do an "acid wash" on the grout & then paint my grout-it would have a 10 year warranty. I'd like to hear your thoughts? Thank you. New subscriber here :-)

  20. Do you think the bissell spin mop would clean the tile & grout good? Can you do a review of that one too? It's really popular choice amongst cleaning YouTubers right now…. I'm curious if it really does anything 🤔

  21. I totally agree with the feedback and also add on it that bissell machine make lot of sound so get yourself good noise canceling machine / headphones for your ears.

    I only use this machine to dry my garage area which is located in the north face of the house .

  22. Fyi, i use finger nail polish in tile chips. Works awesome. I use awesome from dollar tree and squirt in grout

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