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How to Drill a Larger Doorknob Hole | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject How to Drill a Larger Doorknob Hole? Are you looking to see how to make a hole bigger without a drill? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Drill a Larger Doorknob Hole | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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How to Drill a Larger Doorknob Hole

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Why won’t that new doorknob fit in your old door? Because there’s a new, larger, “standard size” for doorknobs. Instead of paying big bucks for a new door with a larger doorknob hole, here’s how to drill a larger hole in the old one so that a new “standard size” doorknob will fit. For more repair how-tos, projects, home improvement help, technology tips, garden hints, recipes, holiday ideas and more, visit ..

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how to make a hole bigger without a drill

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  1. Many thanks indeed. I followed your example and although it worked fine, after some doors fixed your way, I realized I could use my Dremel drill's mini-sander to just enlarge the hole to the left and right at 0 and 180 degrees, just enough to allow the door know to get in. That is a 30 second fix. Sharing my solution to the handymen out there.

  2. A similar trick I recently used was to make a circle out of a scrap piece of wood and hammer it into the existing hole in the door. I had a 1 3/4 inch hole saw so I used it to make the circle and hammer it into the door and then was able to use the 2 1/8 hole saw on the door.

  3. Perpendicular, should use a drill press. If you are using a hand power drill, just keep the door in place

  4. Thats some jig.most jigs you are are real cheap shit plastic and rubber that move all around

  5. Why not just tap out the door hinges? I do it all the time.
    Second..put a 1 1/2" hole saw inside the 2 1/2" (or what ever size holes you have and want)..clamp plywood on the back side to keep it from splintering, like drilling through any other wood.
    Third, just leave it on the hinges, clamp on the plywood, use the double hole saw set up..and just drill once all the way through..plus you don't have to measure anything. The smaller hole saw centers it for you. You pretty much can't screw it up that way.
    That's just the way I have done it for years..with no fifty dollar jig.
    Thanks for the video, nice job on it.
    Just goes to show there are more than one way to drill a door.

  6. Sir, thank you. I am changing a doorknob on a 60 year old door and the hole sizes have changed as well as the offset. Your tutorial was the first one I got and I'm confident I can do this now. Hopefully I can report back with good news.

  7. No disrespect but there is a much easier way to do that. Just put the smaller hole saw inside the bigger hole saw. The smaller hole saw acts as a guide for the bigger. Easy peasy

  8. Thanks for this instructional video. Just what I needed – have 11 door knobs to install and ALL the holes need tweaking by a fraction.

  9. Best video yet for my needs as a visual person!. Got a Ryobi door jig- saw kit kit for 20.00 at Home Depot…

  10. People, it's not rocket science like this guy is making it out to be. Just get a 2 1/8 drill bit and run it through two scrape pieces of wood. Clamp them to the door to use as a guide. Drill through half way, complete on other side of door. Easy.

  11. Very instructive. Thanks for taking the time to make this video – it is exactly the info I needed.

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