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How to fix stripped door hinge screw holes the RIGHT WAY! No Joke! | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject How to fix stripped door hinge screw holes the RIGHT WAY! No Joke!? Are you looking to see hole too big for screw? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to fix stripped door hinge screw holes the RIGHT WAY! No Joke! | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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How to fix stripped door hinge screw holes the RIGHT WAY! No Joke!
How to fix stripped door hinge screw holes the RIGHT WAY! No Joke!

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Fix it the RIGHT WAY, not the WRONG WAY! The wrong way is a temporary fix…Not cool!

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  1. So you can use the provided torx bit head to screw in the zzem screws into the holes, and then use the standard phillips bit to screw in the actual phillips screws themselves into the zzem screw once it's in place? Awesome. I have the same exact problem with my bathroom door. I'll give it a shot

  2. Getting this cause my door is too heavy for the hinges and it’s worn as hell from swinging open too hard

  3. Yeah.. At $23 a pop, I'll stick with using thin guage wire to tighten my hinge screws. Interested to know what everyone thinks these inserts are worth. I was saying $10ish before I checked.

  4. Can this be used inside a solid front door? The hinge screws slid right out of the door. The screws in the frame are fine (for now).

  5. If it’s on the doorjam side of the hinge then why not just use some 3” !wood screws? So how do you fix stripped out screws on the door side of the hinge because most of these interior doors are practically cardboard!

  6. Hi Michael – I bought the zzem screws to fix my door because the screws had stripped. On my door, the middle screw hole is the one that is closest to the mid part of the door frame. I drilled in using the bit and made sure it went in 3". I was able to install the top and bottom zzem screws, but I can't get the middle ones to go in. I am hand screwing them in and can only get them in about half way even though the hole has been drilled the full length. Any suggestions?

  7. Why such short screws use the whole thing to anchor fully lo ger screws i wonder if this will work on my steel door hinges.

  8. Gave these bad boys a try. Despite the poor setup my door hinges originally had my roommates and myself felt these screws worked really well. I endorse this lol

  9. This looks like a great solution! I have to repair these type of hinges quite often at work where they see abnormally high use every day.

  10. Cool video. However, you should take instructions from Woodglut if you want to learn how easy it is to do.

  11. But in the uk. We build our house with brick these houses are old houses and frikkin solid to drill through. So behind the wood door frame is brick lol. So my plan is to cut out the wood and replace it with new piece

  12. I just used wood glue and some of my husband's wooden golf tees, broke em off, sanded 'em down. Things I had on hand. Worked fine. It's held up 5 years now..

  13. If they provide the drill bit, why dont THEY mark the drill bit at the 3 inch mark? Says a lot about the company. Sure the customer CAN do it, shoulnt have to

  14. Hi Michael, just to clarify, do those 1 inch long screws come with the kit? And can I use the existing screws in my door hinge? I'm puzzled how they would accomodate different thickness of screws?

  15. You should have an affiliate link for the zzem screw. Would like for you to benefit from me purchasing the solution. Thanks so much for creating a great instructional video

  16. Hello, In the start of the video you say in the previous video you went over the tools you need. I can't find the previous video. I see that you use ZZem Screw. Drill, Drill bit and screwdrivers. Is that all I need? Thank you, Paul

  17. 🤔hmm, wouldn't a couple of toothpicks tighten the hole. I have used it and works just fine. Cheap too

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