How to Get Rid of Red Slime Algae | | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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How to Get Rid of Red Slime Algae | | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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How to Get Rid of Red Slime Algae |
How to Get Rid of Red Slime Algae |

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Learn everything you need to know about Red Slime Algae, including how to easily and quickly get rid of it!

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  1. The real question is why are the marinists not killing the problem in the ocean? It's easy we don't even need divers.

    Great video BTW!

  2. Being Cyanobacteria, they don’t seem like the kind that cause harm. In fact, they can be beneficial to the critters in the aquarium can’t they?

  3. I didn't know the fun fact but I knew the other stuff. I used chemiclean for my fresh water tank when I was getting rid of the cyanobacteria and it worked really well. I know my comment on another video about this videos topic and I like how you reply and take the comment into consideration.

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